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RentalResult Makes its Own Rules

Result Group introduces its new Rules Engine to address the common problem of renting complex products by non-expert staff, which can lead to slow and inaccurate quotations for customers and restrict that company's growth potential. The Rules Engine for the rentalresult application is a system that enables a salesperson to recommend the best product to the customer based on the answers to a logical question flow, essentially de-skilling the quotation process and maximizing the technical knowledge held by a few individuals.

“Using the product configurator, you can de-skill the process of quoting customers who need complex products,” says Helen Sowerby, senior vice president business development, Result Group. “The rules engine can even handle complex math such as calculating the amount of water that needs to be pumped per hour, and therefore the right size pump to offer the customer. Reducing the need for high levels of product knowledge allows you to increase volume of inquiries dealt with.”

Available apps for the Rules Engine continue to grow, but those currently available include: CRM script manager, customer service call, asset pricing optimization, free days rules, customer service call creation, geographical rules engine, campaign management rules, and a value-added sales configurator.

Any existing rentalresult customer can use the product configurator when they pick up the latest upgrade, which is available to all new customers.

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Verified by Helen Sowerby, senior vice president business development, Result Group.
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Available to: all new and existing rentalresult customers

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