Redesigned Pressure Washers Easier to Transport

The Job Pro Electric Series, a cold-water series of pressure washers from Mi-T-M, was redesigned for the commercial pressure washer application. The pressure washer was designed and engineered for the professional restricted to the tight budget of a competitive bid. The washers are built with heavy-duty components to tackle indoor industrial and agricultural applications.

Standard features on the Job Pro Electric Series include 1.5 to 8 hp enclosed fan-cooled electric motors, direct drive triplex piston pumps with ceramic plungers, a 35-foot power cord and 1-inch powder-coated steel handles. The washers also have pneumatic tires with tubes, dual rubber isolators, a professional grade trigger gun with safety lock-off, and a non-marking hose with quick connects, swivel and bend restrictors.

“We did kind of streamline the models and psi,” says Dana Schrack, vice president of Mi-T-M. “It makes it a lot easier to transport, it's lighter and it's really what our rental customer was asking for.”

Verified by Dana Schrack, vice president of Mi-T-M.

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Motor: 1.5 to 8 hp
Cord: 35 feet
Base plates: 3/16 inch

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