QUICK HITS — Looking for a way to order Ingersoll-Rand's full line of light compaction equipment? This Web site is the place to start. Features include the “Product Wizard,” which asks contractors a series of questions about a particular job to determine the ideal type and size of equipment needed. — Contractors are able to search through a database of equipment manufacturers and distributors on this site. — Recently updated with information about Gradall's training program and pertinent sign-up information, now offers a “Frequently Asked Questions” section and a listing of downloadable files/training manuals that users can print out in PDF format or simply view onscreen. — A pricing worksheet that helps the user identify the right scaffold for the job is available on this site. When a user selects a particular CrankUp Scaffolding model and the appropriate racking alternative, the worksheet then calculates the necessary base sets and tower sets. — This comprehensive Web portal features prices and specifications of John Deere equipment. Information about used equipment and customer support services is also featured. Other highlights include dealer information, information about the company's financing programs and other agriculture-related news. — For contractors seeking to manage their company resources and individual projects via the Internet, may provide the solution. The site provides contractors with the applications, materials and tools they need to buy-out a job, create and submit reports, and maintain communications on a daily basis. Since the site operates as an application service provider, it is entirely Web-based and does not require any client software. — This Web site contains photographs, illustrations and animations of trenchless methods and applications including pipe bursting, pipe ramming, horizontal boring, lateral replacement and directional drilling. It also features more than 40 case studies describing actual trenchless projects. — Users can use this system to search equipment by country, state, zip code and by make and size. It also updates Rental Service Corp.'s database of more than 13,000 pieces of equipment every 24 hours.

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