New Hammers Sure to Make Impact

Bosch Power Tools introduces seven new hammers including two 1 9/16-inch SDS-max combination hammers, two 1 9/16-inch spline combination hammers, two SDS-max demolition hammers and one round hex demolition hammer.

At around 14 pounds and powered by 11-amp motors, the 11241EVS SDS-max and 11248EVS spline 1 9/16-inch units have an impact energy 20 to 40 percent over previous models or 3.6 to 7.4 foot-pounds in hammer-only mode.

“This new line of Bosch hammers has been passionately engineered to exceed the expectations of our already demanding users,” says Randall Coe, director of Bosch product marketing and development. “In fact, our new line shatters previous standards by which all other hammers will be measured.”

The Bosch 11240 SDS-max and 11247 spline 1 9/16-inch units have 10-amp motors, providing 5.2 foot-pounds of impact energy, 400 rpm and 3,000 bpm.

Two to three pounds lighter than a combination hammer, the 11318EVS SDS-max, 11388 SDS-max and 11387 round hex demolition hammers remove 350 to 400 pounds of 5,000 psi concrete per hour. The 11318EVS 11-amp motor delivers 8.8 foot-pounds of impact energy with 1,300 to 3,000 bpm. The 11388 SDS-max and 11387 round hex units have 10-amp motors and strike with 5.9 foot-pounds of impact energy at 2,800 bpm.
Verified by Randall Coe, director of product marketing and development.
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Amps: 10 or 11
Weight: 11.6 to 14.4 pounds
Impact energy: 5.2 to 8.8

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