NationsRent Centers, Employees Affected By Hurricane

FLORIDA — Hurricane Charley, which wreaked havoc on southwest Florida last month, took its toll on Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based NationsRent, which has more than 40 locations in the state.

NationsRent stores in Port Charlotte, Fort Myers, Plant City, Orlando, Titusville and Ormond Beach absorbed the brunt of the storm, while other locations suffered lesser injury. More serious damages included roof and water damage, missing awnings, broken windows, missing exterior signage, blown-out bay doors and missing fencing, as well as damage to company vehicles and equipment.

All the stores were back in business Saturday, August 14, the day after the storm, although quite a few stores were without electricity, telephones or computers. Other NationsRent stores from as far away as Texas sent generators and other needed equipment.

NationsRent officials reported that although no employees were injured, quite a few suffered significant damages to their homes, and, in some cases, lost them completely. The company is setting up a relief fund for employees who suffered personal losses.

Other rental companies in the region were also affected, although details were unavailable at press time. Several rental companies contacted by RER said they were too busy to talk, with telephones ringing constantly as communities attempted to repair buildings, roads and homes.

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