Mini Excavators Offer Plenty of Options

IHI/Compact Excavator Sales offers 13 mini excavators. There are three styles: conventional; zero-tail swing; and zero radius.

The weights of the machines range from 1,700 to 18,000 pounds. The NX series features the zero-tail swing, which allows operators to work in confined spaces, while decreasing damage to the unit and other objects. The rear tail portion of these machines never extend outside of the track area, according to the manufacturer.

The 70Z is a zero radius machine, the front and tail portion never extend past the tracks. Diesel self-bleeding engines power all units except the 7JE, an electric excavator. In addition, the hydraulic pump system allows simultaneous slewing, travel and boom operation.

All units have 2-speed travel standard except for the 7J. All units over 3,000 pounds have hydraulic piping and pattern quick-change valves as standard equipment. The company also offers the 28N, a 5,752-pound mini excavator with 5,460 pounds of digging force.

“IHI uses a full steel underbody and side protection panels, extra long steel and/or rubber tracks for greater stability,” says Kendall Aldridge, national sales manager. “All units come standard with 4-post canopy and/or cabin and A-F quick-change valve.

Verified by Kendall Aldridge, national sales manager.
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Digging depths: 5 feet, 2 inches to 14 feet, 1 inch
Weight: 1,700 to 18,000 pounds
Boom swing: Independent

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