Web Launch

King Concepts launched a new website designed for easy navigation, with a comprehensive list of products, applications, practical tips and information. The site can keep visitors up to date with news and information in the concrete grinding, polishing and surface-preparation industries. The company also publishes The Grind, a newsletter with the latest products and information. Visit the new site at

Clear Contact

Most rental companies these days have websites that give basic information about rental offerings, company locations and services offered. Occasionally important information, such as addresses and phone numbers, are omitted, which can inconvenience potential customers who may seek out information on the website. To provide the most convenience and best service to customers, make sure all company contact information is easily accessible. Take a cue from Midlantic Machinery, No. 85 on the RER 100. Its website,, not only has its branch locations under the Contact Us link, but lists an employee directory that includes names, titles, e-mail addresses and phone numbers (pictured). No. 92 Theros Equipment also makes its employees easily accessible. The website,, includes pictures of its locations, with pictures and contact information for all of its employees. Including contact information on the website makes it easy for the customer to ask rental questions and voice concerns. Hiding contact information in a hard-to-find section of the website — or not at all — does the customer no favors.

Heard of Ahern?

Ahern Rentals' website is loaded with company information, including the history of the rental company under the Ahern family name. No. 12 on the RER 100, Las Vegas-based Ahern Rentals is the largest independently owned rental business in the United States, according to its website. The homepage includes a short video introducing the company, founded in 1953 on the Las Vegas strip. Customers can log into their accounts on the website to review account status, check account history, modify contact info, schedule deliveries and pickups, and order services or equipment. Site visitors can click on Locations to bring up a map of Ahern rental centers and click on the appropriate location to link directly to Google Maps. Potential customers can find product information under the Equipment link, and clicking on Equipment for Sale brings up an FTP site with PDF files that provide pictures, pricing and other details on the equipment that's for sale. To click around the site and see how Ahern Rentals presents its offerings, visit

Look Ahead

The saying “If it ain't broken, don't fix it” doesn't apply to the rental business. Companies always need to be one step ahead of the curve, anticipating the customer's future needs and solving problems before they occur. Updates are often just a business necessity. Maybe the rental sign outside was hung in 1930 and needs to be modernized, or maybe it's time to switch to computerized record keeping. But don't overlook updating the company website. Click around on the site to make sure all information is current. Update rental offerings if new products have been added to the inventory. Check the links to ensure that they are all still active and connect to the correct pages. Make sure it's easy to return to the homepage from other pages throughout the website. Take the time to check out other rental company and manufacturer websites to get new ideas. A better site may be just around the corner.

Submit new technology, computer products and websites for consideration in Megabytes to Erin Whitehead at [email protected].

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