Location System Enhancement Provides Total Theft Protection

LoJack introduces a new comprehensive solution for fleet managers that layers asset management capabilities on top of the company's stolen vehicle recovery system. LoCate + LoJack features the company's easy-to-use and straightforward asset management system, which is based on GPS technology. It is a ruggedized system designed for installation in 12- or 24-volt equipment. To deliver a more robust solution, LoJack coupled its new asset management offering with its stolen vehicle recovery system.

“LoCate + LoJack is the total solution for equipment owners that delivers comprehensive and effective answers to asset management and theft protection,” says Bob DeAngelis, senior director of the commercial division for LoJack Corp. “It ultimately provides fleet and equipment managers with more control over their businesses and enhanced ROI on their equipment.”

LoCate includes several key functions that enable fleet managers to analyze assets. The location-on-demand feature enables users to access real-time location of equipment via GPS data to manage equipment availability, secure accurate location for equipment pick-up and improve workforce productivity. The geofencing feature allows users to set pre-defined radial boundaries around equipment and receive alerts if that equipment exits the area. The engine hours feature provides users with daily engine hour data for more effective maintenance planning and customer billing. And the reporting feature creates user-defined reports to track equipment utilization and maintenance scheduling.

Verified by Bob DeAngelis, senior director of the commercial division for LoJack Corp.
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Vital Stats

Installation compatibility: 12- or 24-volt equipment

Features: Geofencing, reporting, location on demand and egine hour data

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