Komatsu's Newest Excavator Primed for Tight Spots

Swimming pool contractors and housing developers often work in confined spaces and require an excavator that can dig outside the area of its tracks. Enter Komatsu America's upgraded PC95R-2 compact excavator.

"A key benefit of the PC95R-2 is its versatility," says Scott Lynch, product marketing manager for hydraulic excavators. "It is available in multiple arm lengths and can accommodate a variety of buckets. These options enable owners to optimize their equipment investment by matching the appropriate combination of machine and attachment to the job at hand."

The 10-ton machine is powered by Komatsu's 82.5-horsepower 4D106-1FB direct-injection engine - a 14 percent jump in horses from the machine's predecessor, the PC95-1. It comes with a 7-foot, 7-inch arm and has a maximum digging depth of 14 feet, 7 inches, a digging depth of 23 feet, 10 inches and a bucket range of 0.24-0.56 cubic yards.

It is also equipped with a standard 7-foot, 3-inch by 1-foot, 5-inch dozer blade and a standard hydraulic attachment kit that includes the piping, plumbing and actuator. The machine's dozer blade has a maximum above-ground lift of 1 foot, 4 inches and maximum below-ground depth of 1 foot, 7 inches.

One of the excavator's most valuable attributes is its ability to dig outside its tracks, according to Lynch. The boom is on a pivot mount, which eases excavation in confined areas and improves productivity on the job site.

The excavator features the Stone's HydrauMind hydraulic control system, providing a precise combination of working speed and power. Lynch says the system allows the operator to experience less fatigue and gain control because the equipment responds directly to the operator.

Verified by Scott Lynch, product marketing manager, hydraulic excavators

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