Kit Offers Training to Combat Theft

Vista Training offers a complete equipment theft and vandalism prevention kit to help combat the growing and costly problem. The kit includes videos, booklets, decals and more, and enables companies to conduct employee training sessions in as little as 15 to 45 minutes.

“Until a piece of equipment has been stolen, most people don't give the possibility of theft much thought,” says Ray Peterson, founder of Vista and executive producer of the theft and vandal prevention videos. “Training before the fact rather than after a theft has occurred enhances employee awareness of the consequences of theft.”

One 20-minute video covers how thieves work, along with tips on theft prevention and implementing a prevention program. The second video in the kit covers jobsite vandalism and tool theft prevention, focusing on how to discourage entry to the jobsite and reduce liability costs. The kit also includes an equipment identification and proof of ownership package that has stencils for painting names and numbers on machines, a disposable camera for equipment identification pictures, equipment PIN and other identifier logging sheets, key chains and decals. The key chains and decals serve as reminders to employees to take the keys and lock up the equipment.

The leader's guide enables any employee to lead a training session, and employee booklets include tips for preventing jobsite vandalism and theft.

Verified by Ray Peterson, Vista founder and executive producer of the theft and vandal prevention videos.
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Video lengths: 20 minutes; 11 minutes
Employee booklets in kit: 10
Decals in kit: 10

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