*It's Not Easy Being Green

The down and dirty days of industry are over. A rising environmental consciousness now dominates the landscape and has forced many rental centers to reevaluate common practices. Bringing business in the front door means little if you're losing money out the back. The shadows of government regulation have crept into the corners of the rental industry and changed the business forever. And those watchful shadows are here to stay.

The Environmental Protection Agency has become a household name that often makes the men and women of industry squirm at mere mention. With a successive blow of acts, tiers and phases, this organization is crusading to fight emissions, curb industrial run-off and clean up off-road equipment. Manufacturers are racing to discover ‘greener’ technologies while most rental centers are standing on the sidelines hoping that someone will slow down the speedway.

Rental centers across the nation are witnessing a new era, and some have come to realize that a proactive, rather than a reactive approach is the only way to stay on top. “Environmental awareness has become part of our culture,” says Pricilla Oehlert, director, risk and safety of Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Rental Service Corporation, a company within the Atlas Copco Group. The potential liabilities that can result from turning a blind eye to these issues have forced one question to the forefront: How can you protect your property, your livelihood and your future?

“Environmental awareness has become part of our culture.”
— Pricilla Oehlert Rental Service Corporation

Even with a pro-industry president who tends to sacrifice environmental concerns to those of business, there is change on the horizon and a new day coming. The old mentality of “we've been doing this for years and we haven't had a problem” is dying. Don't wait until the EPA comes knocking before you step up your program.

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