Infrared Heaters Warm the Spot

A new heavy-duty infrared spot heater from SunStar Heating Products doesn't use electricity to heat construction sites, unheated work areas, large buildings or areas requiring supplemental heat such as workshops or partially open buildings. Other applications include thawing and freeze protection.

The compact, cylinder-shaped SunStar RCH Series spot heaters provide on-the-job versatility and include features for economy, durability and long life. Each of the four models can comfortably heat an enclosed area of up to 2,500 square feet without using fans or moving parts common with many other spot heaters.

Available in propane or natural gas, the heaters are rated at a powerful 95,000 Btu per hour for propane models or at 100,000 Btu per hour for natural gas models. The heaters also come in manual or thermostatically controlled models.

“The heater's robust construction withstands heavy seasonal use and provides the rental customer with a heater that does not require electricity and can be operated with a thermostat,” says Frank Horne, president of SunStar Heating Products. “This fits the needs of many rental customer applications. These include worker comfort when heating and curing concrete, and many drying and freeze protection applications such as paint drying, drywall curing and masonry freeze protection.”

CSA-design certified, the SunStar heaters have a compact 14-inch diameter base and a stainless-steel emitter. An expanded mesh steel guard protects users from the emitter for safety. The pilot light and main burner are located inside the combustion chamber to protect against drafts, dust or damage. In operation, the stainless-steel heat exchanger beams radiant heat around the entire circumference of the unit for a continuous flow of heat.

Verified by Frank Horne Jr., president of SunStar Heating Products.
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Heating area: Up to 2,500 square feet

Btu/hour rating: 95,000 for propane gas and 100,000 for natural gas

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