Drum Chipper Slims Down, Powers Up

Bandit Industries introduces a new 12-inch drum chipper specifically designed for municipalities, rental companies and tree services — the Model 990XP. The feed system and components on the 990XP are comparable to the Model 1090XP, but with a smaller 24-inch diameter drum, a discharge transition and a compact design. Engine options are available from most major engine suppliers up to 86 hp.

“When we were looking to come up with this model, we had the rental industry, municipalities and the smaller tree service in mind,” says Jason Morey, Bandit Industries marketing manager. “We wanted to come out with something more compact and lighter weight.” To keep this unit compact and to streamline production, the 990XP will be limited in options. The 12-inch-diameter Bandit 1090XP is still available, but with a wider availability of options, including engine options up to 142 hp.

“Most of our drum chippers feature a 37-inch-diameter drum,” Morey says. “We reduced the drum on the 990 down to 24 inches in diameter to take some weight out of it. Although the drum is down to 24 inches in diameter, it is still larger in diameter than most competitive 12-inch drum-style chippers, which helps increase productivity and reduce fuel consumption.”

Verified by Jason Morey, marketing manager, Bandit Industries.
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Vital Stats

Capacity: 12-inch diameter

Power: Up to 86 hp

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