Dietsch Acquires Anderson Rentals

MISSION, Kan. — Former Case Corp. official Steve Dietsch has acquired single-location Anderson Rentals, located in the Kansas City suburb of Mission, Kan. Before joining Case, Dietsch worked with Brambles, Sam's Equipment Rentals in Ohio and NationsRent, whose acquisition of Sam's was its initial platform into the rental industry.

“I've always wanted to run my own business and call the shots myself,” Dietsch said. “With today's rental climate, I felt the timing was right. At Anderson's we will focus on personalized service to home-owners and small- to medium-sized contractors. I feel that many of the national companies have lost sight of that personalized touch we can provide.”

Dietsch said he plans to expand. “If the opportunity presents itself, I'd like to further expand the business through acquisition or cold start once I get settled and implement strategies to grow this store.”

The acquisition was managed by Hageman, Stansberry & Associates, with offices in Cameron, Calif., and Arlington, Texas.

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