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Crab Walk Feature Benefits Roller

The new Bomag BW120AD-4 tandem vibratory roller provides increased efficiency and productivity while enhancing operator comfort and safety. Powered by a 33.8-hp, 3-cylinder water-cooled Kubota diesel engine, the BW120AD-4 offers an operating weight of 5,732 pounds and 47.2-inch wide drums. Increased horsepower combined with additional weight contributes to a maximum centrifugal force of 10,125 pounds, a 6-percent increase over the model it replaces.

The unit also offers a choice of two vibration frequencies, 3,300 and 4,200 vpm, for improved compaction results on a wide range of materials. The maximum working speed in high frequency is 4 mph. The BW120AD-4's larger fuel and water tanks reduce refueling and refilling frequency for greater productivity. The fuel tank holds 10.6 gallons, while the water tank holds 58.1 gallons.

The roller comes standard with a crab walk feature, which allows the operator to offset the roller's rear drum up to 1.5 inches in either direction. The crab walk feature is designed to enhance performance when compacting joints and helps prevent the rear drum from contacting curbs or other obstructions when rolling into and out of turns. A bolt-on oscillating articulation joint provides for full drum contact on irregular terrain and allows the rear drum to follow the same path as the front drum, even during turns.

The BW120AD-4 is easy and comfortable to operate, according to Steve Wilson, manager, product development and support for Bomag. “The travel control lever features push-button vibration control for one-hand operation, while the standard sliding seat makes it easier to see drum edges,” he says. “More legroom and a suspended seat help reduce operator fatigue.”

Verified by Steve Wilson, manager, product development and support, Bomag Americas.
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Engine: 33.8 hp, diesel
Operating weight: 5,732 pounds
Drum width: 47.2 inches

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