Concrete Products

CS Unitec

CS Unitec's Hydraulic Rotary Hammer Drill delivers 3,400 blows per minute for percussion drilling of concrete, rock and masonry. The tool uses SDS-Plus shank carbide tipped bits up to 1-inch in diameter for cost-effective drilling of concrete anchor holes and thru-holes. Additional applications include piping and mechanical openings, as well as other construction and repair work. The unit can also be switched to a rotary mode for drilling steel and wood. Features of this drill include a safety clutch that protects against overloads and jamming; an adjustable side handle with depth gauge; and sealed gears with permanent lubrication. It weighs only 15 pounds.
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The TG-7 is designed to grind cracked or heaved concrete surfaces. The user can grind down high areas for proper flow trenching, which enables drainage to flow in the right direction. The TG-7 doubles as an edge grinder and is able to grind within 5/16 inch of any vertical surface. The unit also features a 2-position handle that allows the operator to control the amount of grinding pressure applied to the surface. The unit also comes equipped with a 7-inch diamond cup wheel, a centrifugal clutch system, a 5.5-hp Honda engine and a dust shroud with vacuum port to allow for dust-free grinding.
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The SHS62 and SHS81 (pictured) gas cut-off saws are designed to slice concrete, tile, ceramics and pipe. Both models showcase a reversible blade flange to handle both 20-millimeter and 1-inch blade arbors and can operate either 12- or 14-inch blades. Weighing 21 and 23 pounds, respectively, the SHS62 and SHS81 feature a triple stage air filtration system that keeps dust and other damaging cutting debris out of the power source ensuring maximum engine protection. The new cut-off saws are powered by 4.7- and 6.3-hp, 2-cycle EPA-approved gasoline engines.
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The Hilti DD200 Diamond Coring System is designed to tackle a range of applications including, coring holes up to 16 inches in masonry and reinforced concrete — quickly and neatly. Convenient controls allow easy selection of the optimum gear from the tool's 3-speed gearing, and a new BL chunk and connection end system provide a keyless, quick-release mechanism for changing core bits. Additionally, a fine feed control provides smooth hole starting, easy drilling with large-diameter core bits and in heavily reinforced concrete.
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Stone Construction Equipment

The 48-inch Smooth Operator Power Trowel CF84 features a 48-inch working width, the patented DynaClutch safety system, ProPitch quick blade leveling system or a fine-tuned blade adjustment. The trowel is powered by 11- and 13-hp Honda and Robin engines.
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Bobcat's new drop hammer attachment breaks concrete and asphalt slabs up to 18 inches deep. It is designed for use with skid-steer loaders, compact-track loaders and all-wheel steer loaders to break parking lots, driveways and sidewalks. Because the operator keeps the loader constantly moving — pausing momentarily to let the hammer drop to demolish the surface below — large amounts of flatwork can be broken much faster than traditional hydraulic or pneumatic breakers. At a rate of up to 20 blows per minute, the drop hammer allows the operator 3 seconds to reposition the loader in-between each cycle.

Mark Johnson, street department superintendent, Herculaneum, Mo., recently tried the drop hammer for the first time. “Previously, we used hydraulic breakers to demolish streets,” Johnson says. “Our local Bobcat dealer brought us [the drop hammer attachment] to try on a concrete street that we were demolishing. It worked faster and better than anything we've used in the past.”
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Wacker Corp.

Wacker's new walk-behind trowel line features a sophisticated system to protect the operator from an out-of-control spinning handle. A gyroscopic safety sensor detects the motion of the handle and stops the engine before the handle reaches a 45-degree rotation. This engages the gearbox brake, which will stop the handle rotation within a 270-degree rotation. The new line features an engine rev-limiter, which senses rapid engine acceleration during starting procedures and will not allow the operator to start the machine at full throttle, eliminating runaway handle rotation during restarts.
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The CM series of concrete mixers feature simple, yet solid, construction for maximum jobsite efficiency and production. Each mixer is designed for easy cleaning, faster mixing and industry-leading capacity in every category. The CM Series is equipped with welded drums manufactured using high abrasion-resistant steel that provides longer life with less maintenance. Two sets of laser cut steel blades provide a smoother, faster and more thorough mix, and the dumping mechanism comes standard with a multi-position drum lock for easy cleaning and great application flexibility.
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The ScreeDemon lowers wet screed hand/arm vibration by between 50 and 90 percent, decreasing occupational health problems such as white finger, carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic arthritis. In addition, the link between engine and eccentric is a low cost, durable, flex coupler. High maintenance flex-cables or rigid shafting is eliminated. The ScreeDemon also couples to its screed bar via a compression lock. Plus, it assembles to and is removed from the bar in seconds, making cleaning and transport easy.

“The biggest advantage of the ScreeDemon is the low vibration,” says Kyle Allen, owner of Allen Custom Flatwork in Evansville, Wis. “It causes virtually no fatigue so the operator can run the ScreeDemon for a longer period of time. Another great thing is that you can leave it running and it will not bury itself in the concrete. The 4-stroke engine is quiet and has low emissions, making it great to work with in a more confined area like a basement.”
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Ground Heaters

Designed for builders, utilities, municipalities and small construction contractors, Ground Heaters' AC1100 Ground Heater includes more ground thawing and concrete curing capabilities than previous compact Ground Heater models. Able to thaw up to 1,650 square feet of frozen ground at a rate of 1-foot-deep per day, the AC1100 can also heat up to 2,200 square feet of ground to prepare concrete for placement, prevent frost penetration or assure proper concrete curing. The unit is equipped with 1,100 feet of Heat Transfer Hose and its 126,000 BTUs/hr hydronic heater brings the propylene glycol Heat Transfer Fluid up to 180F.

Mike Thuringer, president of Sioux Falls, S.D.-based Bierschbach Equipment & Supply, says his company offers the Ground Heaters products because they are reliable, easy to use and perform as advertised. “Our customers are mostly using these for ground thawing on commercial construction applications. There are also a fair amount of customers who use this equipment to facilitate cold-weather concrete curing applications.”
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