Concrete Equipment


The Bobcat concrete pump attachment is designed for contractors who work in residential areas with confined yards. Either side of the concrete pump attaches to the Bobcat loader for better positioning. The hoses are then connected and the concrete mix is fed into the hopper and pumped to the jobsite. The pumping hoses can be routed through small openings, under decks, through bushes and around trees and buildings.

Owners Brett Pomerleau and Tony Woolhouse of Concrete Masonry Unlimited and Northwest Masonry of Brooklyn Park, Minn., purchased the attachment for their business at a time when they couldn't get a pump truck to a new home site because of road weight restrictions. “Using the concrete pump attachment and our own boom truck to move the hose, we pumped more than 60 cubic yards of concrete for footings and a poured wall foundation,” Pomerleau says. “The job took a little longer than using a big pump truck, but we were able to complete the work.”
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General Equipment

Designed to follow random crack patterns in asphalt and concrete surfaces, General Equipment's CS8 random crack saw utilizes 8-inch diameter, dry cut-type diamond blades to produce smooth-sided cuts for proper crack-filling procedures. Power is supplied by an 11-hp Honda engine equipped with a Cyclone-type air filter system for maximum protection against fine-grained dust contamination. A center-mounted blade configuration allows the CS8 to center pivot about its own axis to more easily follow random crack patterns.
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Wacker's internal vibration heads are designed to combine the best properties of the proven round head with the square-head technology to create the best results in concrete consolidation and high-speed concrete liquification. The hybrid design gives the advantage of placing the weight at the bottom of the head. The eccentric weight was optimized to maximize the performance of the hybrid shape, increasing the amplitude of the head. By increasing the amplitude, the concrete is more easily liquified, allowing the stiff concrete to settle into place and become consolidated.
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Trimble offers the Spectra Precision TS515 Mechanical Total Station, a portable layout and measurement tool for general and concrete contractors in commercial and residential applications. The TS515 is designed for the layout of control lines, offset points, excavation lines, foundations, forms and footers, and anchor bolts. The direct-reflex reflectorless distance-measuring capability provides one-person operation without a prism to measure difficult or dangerous-to-reach places.
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The BMS 220BX battery scraper is an upgraded model with improved battery performance for higher productivity and longer run times between charges. This ride-on scraper is used to remove a wide range of materials from concrete surfaces: thick coatings like epoxies and urethanes, adhesives, thin-set mortar, roofing material and floor coverings. The BMS 220BX is compact, fits easily through doorways and into tight areas, and is light enough for standard elevators.
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Cart-Away Concrete

The Cart-Away Universal Batching Equipment, or CUBE, is a concrete-batching system designed to allow users the flexibility to control most aspects of jobsite ready-mix production. With a 1½-yard mixing capacity, the CUBE can produce 6 to 8 yards of concrete per hour in a specific mix design. The loading, mixing and dispensing of the concrete materials are all completed inside of the box, reducing the amount of equipment needed at the jobsite.

According to Duane Colson, a general contractor with Colson Construction in Lighthouse Point, Fla., the size of the CUBE is a real benefit on the jobsite. “The only way we could get concrete was with an on-site mixer,” he says. “We've poured 300 yards at this remote resort site with the CUBE and have 200 to go. I could never have done this with a 1/3-yard machine.”
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Multiquip's Street Pro Series walk-behind saws are designed for rental operators. Three models are available — the SP1 push, SP2 push (pictured) and SP2 self-propelled — and all feature a steel-box frame design to extend saw life and reduce vibrations for maximum effectiveness while cutting concrete or asphalt. Each model features rugged roller bearing wheels for longer service life, Honda gasoline or electric engines, an easy crank for raising and lowering cutting depth, a saw position guide for straight cuts, and a hinged front lift-up blade guard for easy blade replacement.
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The Bomag BP8/34 single-direction plate compactor features a 119-pound operating weight and 13.4-inch plate width, making it maneuverable in confined spaces. The plate's adjustable steering handle and curved handle design allow for ease of transport without removing components. Powered by a 4-hp Honda GX120 gasoline engine, the BP8/34 offers a frequency of 5,400 vibrations per minute and 1,800 pounds of centrifugal force.
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Atlas Copco

Based on the Cobra 149, the Cobra Combi gas-powered drill/breaker from Atlas Copco Construction Tools features improved emissions, easier starts and quieter, safer operation. Weighing only 55 pounds, the Cobra Combi is easy to transport. As a breaker, the unit delivers up to 2,600 blows per minute. With the drilling function engaged, the Combi offers a maximum drill depth of 6.5 feet at a maximum rate of 12 inches per minute in solid granite.
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Chicago Pneumatic

Featuring an advanced vibration reduction system, the new CP 1210 handheld breakers from Chicago Pneumatic Construction Tools are designed for light-to-medium demolition of floors, pavement, frozen ground and masonry walls. Thanks to an improved valve system, the new CP 1210 series provides 20-percent more hitting power than previous models. Each series model requires 59 cfm of air and delivers 1,400 blows per minute. The breakers are offered in three versions — basic, silenced and vibration-reduced — and a variety of shank sizes are available to accommodate all applications.
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The SEC single-disc grinder is designed to grind 200 to 250 square feet of concrete per hour. Its new round shroud gets tights against walls, and its 10-inch steel-core rubber wheels are designed for easy rolling. A new 25-foot power cord and cord retainer keep the cord from pulling out of the starter box. Applications include grinding concrete and repairing damaged concrete slabs.
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Stone Construction Equipment

Stone Construction Equipment now offers a lighter-weight 36-inch model to its Smooth Operator power trowel line. The CF36L, weighing 23 pounds less than the standard 36-inch CF364, is well suited for basement work because its lighter weight makes it easier to carry down stairs. It is also suited for jobs where the concrete hasn't cured enough to support a heavier trowel. The CF36L features a 36-inch working width, Stone's patented DynaClutch safety system and the optional patented ProPitch quick blade-leveling system for fine-tuned blade adjustment.
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To function properly, power trowels must maintain a precise perpendicular relationship between the gearbox's output shaft and blade arms. Once that relationship is compromised, the trowel will vibrate and/or wobble. MBW designed its walk-behind power trowels with the industry's heaviest bearings, output shafts, gears, spiders and blade arms to maintain this critical relationship. MBW offers 24-, 36- and 46-inch trowels.
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The Arrow Hammer Model 1350 is a pneumatic-tired, mobile hydraulic hammer that operates both on and off paved surfaces. An 80-hp John Deere diesel engine provides power for the Arrow Hammer. The standard synchromesh transmission allows the machine to be driven at speeds up to 20 mph. During operation, the unit propels itself through a hydraulically controlled creeper gear, providing speeds up to 63 feet per minute. It breaks, cuts and scores concrete, rock and asphalt into sizes suitable for excavation, recovery or cracking and seating.
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The TV1000 and TV1200 tandem asphalt rollers feature two spring-loaded scrapers per drum, and a 6-in-1 joystick for easy, streamlined operation. Plastic fuel, water and hydraulic tanks reduce condensation and are encased in steel for maximum protection. A full-tilting hood allows easy access to the engine compartment for servicing.
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Power Blanket

The Power Blanket is designed to make curing concrete and thawing frozen ground more affordable, fast and easy. The 10×10-foot model was designed with the cement mason in mind to cover sand piles, mortar mix, water barrels and mixers so that all the materials are warm when they go into the mixer. Two 10×10 blankets can be plugged together on one 20-amp plug. The average temperature of the 10×10 model is 60 to 120 F.
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Allen Engineering

The Allen roller tube finisher utilizes a spinning tube constructed of 6-inch diameter structural steel with a rotation speed of up to 250 rpm. The spinning tube has a weight of 7 pounds per linear foot and can be handled by only two operators. If more weight is needed, the tube can be filled with water. Powered by either an 85-cc, 2-cycle engine power unit or an 11-hp, 4.5-gpm hydraulic power unit, the roller tube finisher can also be used in many other concrete-paving and flooring applications.
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Metabo offers a ½-inch hammer drill, the SBE 750. With a maximum tightening torque of 159 inch-pounds, the SBE 750 can be used for drilling holes in concrete block, brick and solid concrete for anchors. The 6.2-amp hammer drill is also ideal for other heavy-duty applications, including driving concrete screws, drilling into steel and wood, drilling electrical and plumbing through holes and pilot holes for concrete screws, and driving self-tapping screws into metal and wood. The drill is equipped with a goose-neck depth gauge that provides maximum drilling depth accuracy by enabling the gauge tip to be positioned close to the drill bit.
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The new Racoon flex-shaft concrete vibrators are a complete vibration system designed to match any job with interchangeable flexible shafts and poker heads. The quick-connection device between the drive unit and the flexible shaft makes it easy and quick for the operator to change the shaft. The 2-hp electric drive unit is available in 230- or 115-volt single-phase current. It is combinable with four poker heads with a diameter range of 1 1/8 inch to 2 3/8 inch, and five flexible shafts from 3¼ feet to 13 feet.
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Cemen Tech

The Cemen Tech line of mobile concrete dispensers is designed to batch concrete when and where it's needed. The volumetric batching system enables the user to control the amount of concrete produced, eliminating waste. The mobile concrete dispenser can mix slurry, flowable fill, latex, grout, gunite and shotcrete.
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Allied Construction Products

The Allied Hammerhead II is a self-contained hydraulic concrete slab buster designed to demolish concrete flatwork. The concrete is rubblized at a 45-degree angle from the point of impact. This concrete flatwork includes floors, driveways, bridge decks and roadways up to 12 inches thick. Utilizing only three moving parts, the Hammerhead II offers a simple, rugged design that minimizes maintenance and repair costs.
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Oztec introduces a new version of its model BP-50 backpack concrete vibrator, the BP-50a. This version is equipped with a totally enclosed rotary throttle that allows the operator to comfortably control the engine while preventing wet concrete from entering and clogging the throttle mechanism. A kill switch is conveniently located on the same handle. The patent-pending rotary throttle has been specifically designed and engineered to eliminate the operator's variable setting of the engine speed. This feature is designed to ensure that the unit will consistently produce the proper vibrations per minute resulting in optimum concrete consolidation.
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Hitachi Power Tools

The H65SD2 is a 40-pound demolition hammer that delivers 31 foot-pounds of impact energy. It produces a low noise level and low full-load vibration level to minimize the harsh effects of use to the user. The Hitachi H65SD2 is engineered to demolish concrete and stone materials. It features a 10.8-amp motor and an impact rate of 1,400 bpm.
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Ground Heaters

The E2200 hydronic surface heater is designed to cure up to 6,600 square feet of concrete in cold weather. With a run time of up to 130 hours, the E2200 is also engineered for reliable, trouble-free starts. The unit can also be used to thaw 2,200 to 4,400 square feet of frozen ground.
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Valspar Flooring

Valspar Flooring introduces its Flowfresh hygienic polyurethane concrete flooring system designed for operations where both cleanliness and durability play an integral role in employee safety, productivity and product integrity. Applications include heavy industrial sites and warehouses, and food and pharmaceutical processing plants.
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CDC Larue

The new Pulse-Bac PB1500X delivers up to 450 cfm and is equipped with Pulse-Bac technology, which is designed to automatically clean the filters and prevent clogging. It includes the new Pulse-Bac patent-pending screw on-off filter with PTFE coating, which is designed to simplify filter replacement and extend the life and efficiency of the filter. It also offers a dust-extraction feature that eliminates contact with debris and allows the user to extract the containments and discard them without turning off the vacuum or stopping production.
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