Chipper Handles All Vegetation

Vandermolen introduces the all-vegetation processor Model 25Qi160. The 25Qi series brings the AVP capability into a more affordable size without compromising any of its features, according to the company. The AVP is designed for fast, non-clog feeding of all types of vegetation through one hopper, without slowdown and limitations caused by vines, clippings or leaves. The 25Qi is powered by a 16-hp Vanguard engine. In addition to mulching leaves, clippings and general garden waste, it processes brush and fully dressed branches up to 4 inches in diameter.

“The unique thing about the machine is that it's capable of handling any type of vegetation,” says Aldo Vandermolen, president of Vandermolen Corp. “It allows you to use branches with a lot of side growth without having to do a lot of trimming before you put it through.”

Because the hopper faces the rear, the operator can feed from both sides for fast work. The discharge chute swivels 360 degrees and the deflector can be hand-positioned for discharging into a pile or shooting debris into a truck. The 25Qi is highway towable with a 2-inch ball hitch. A 1,500-pound torsion bar axle absorbs pothole bumps and makes towing easy.

Verified by Aldo Vandermolen, president of Vandermolen Corp.
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Powered by: 16-hp Vanguard engine
Ball hitch: 2 inches
Torsion bar axle: 1,500 pounds

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