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Carrier's 360-Degree Turn Allows For Continual Forward-Facing Operation

The CD110R-1 crawler from Komatsu Utility Corp. delivers additional performance features and versatility to material handling in the construction, industrial and landscape markets.

“Our crawler carriers represent a big advancement in material handling engineering and design,” says Hank Yasuhara, director of product marketing. “We've improved performance and also added a host of features such as the ability of the upper structure to rotate a full 360 degrees, advanced Komatsu hydraulic components, easy to operate controls, an ergonomically designed cab and a high/low automatic transmission.”

The ability of the upper structure to rotate 360 degrees allows forward-facing operations at all times, under any conditions and is designed to eliminate the need for U-turns. It incorporates advanced hydraulic components by using Komatsu's proven excavator technology. Hand levers and joysticks are used to control forward/reverse direction and the rotation of the upperstructure. The foot pedal, allowing well-balanced use of both hands and feet, controls dumping.

The operator's compartment combines good ventilation with comfortable seating position and well-placed low effort controls. In cases where the load increases during high-speed travel, the transmission will automatically shift down to low-speed range, providing optimum driving force.

The ground clearance for the machine is above 25 inches with a low ground pressure of 4.1 psi.
RS # 142


Engine: 266-horsepower Komatsu diesel
Operating weight: 39,460 pounds
Operating capacity: 24,430 pounds

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