Builders Look to Internet for More Answers

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Construction trade professionals will significantly increase their use of the Internet for product information, specifications and product purchasing by 2002, according to a study conducted by one business-to-business Web site.

Ninety-two percent of the nearly 400 professionals taking part in an study said they will increase their use of the Internet for business. Nearly 60 percent of those individuals noted the Internet is a valuable tool in locating "hard to find" items and downloading product specifications. More than 40 percent noted the breadth of online product selection and the ability to find information on companies in other cities were important factors in determining Internet usage.

Of the professionals conducting business globally, 60 percent said the speed, ease and quality of communication with other contractors was a major benefit, allowing them to share drawings and plans with the entire project team as well as reducing travel and the reliance on delivery services.

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