Breathe Easy With This Air Scrubber

First unveiled at the 2002 ARA show in New Orleans, Dri-Eaz Products is offering the DefendAir EX air scrubber.

The product is designed for operation on any jobsite where indoor air quality is an issue. It filters the air to remove contaminants that could otherwise become trapped in the lungs. Rental streams include remediation for mold, lead and asbestos, water damage restoration and construction sites that include drywall dust, sawdust and other breathing hazards.

“We asked a lot of questions through the design process about what contractors needed in an air scrubber,” says John Ridewood, product manager. “We did a lot of listening to our customers. Every feature of the unit is in direct response to their needs.”

Chief among the features are HEPA efficiency, light use weight and variable CFM operation. The HEPA filter is 99.97 percent efficient at trapping particles as small as .3 microns. At 52 pounds, one person can easily transport it. The product can also be set to process anywhere from 100 to 765 cfm. This allows an operator to maintain the integrity of a containment barrier during mold remediation. A rugged ABS housing adds to its appeal; it resists dents and scratches and won't gouge walls.
Circle 142 on reply card.

Verified by John Ridewood, product manager.

Weight: 52 pounds
Dimensions: 39 by 23 by 19 inches
Filtration: 4-Stage including final-stage HEPA

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