Bark Blower Friendly to Do-It-Yourself Landscaper

The BB200 Bark Blower is the smallest of Finn Corp.'s pneumatic blower line and offers landscape contractors a way to deliver mulch, compost, dirt and other bulk materials to commercial and residential jobsites. The BB200 features an innovative modular design enabling the unit to be transportable as a skid-mounted unit or towed on its optional trailer. The unit is also equipped with a convenient feeding and blowing configuration to be compatible with most vehicles. The BB200 delivers more than 8 cubic yards of bulk materials per hour with a two-man crew to a number of jobsites, while maximizing convenience, time and quality.

The unit has a 6.5-cubic-foot capacity hopper integrated with a time-tested blower, specially designed rotary airlock, and hydraulic functions complete with reversing capabilities. The blower also features dual feed rolls providing consistent material delivery, and 100 feet of 3-inch hose.

Jeff Reichert, vice president of operations for Finn, says the small size of this bark blower is ideal for the weekend do-it-yourself landscaper — and it's no more difficult to operate than a standard lawn mower. “Especially in rental, for smaller dollars per day, you can expose people and invite people to use a small blower that wouldn't think of using larger equipment,” he says. “Joe Weekend Landscaper feels comfortable renting one for the weekend. Up until now there has been no product to fill that void.”

Verified by Jeff Reichert, vice president of operations for Finn Corp.
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Hopper capacity: 6.5 cubic feet

Hose length: 100 feet

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