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Asphalt Compactor Designed for Comfort and Versatility

Caterpillar adds two new utility-sized asphalt compactors to its line of equipment. The CB-334E and CB-335E are powered by the 4-cylinder Caterpillar 3024C diesel engine that provides 50 hp, operates at 2,800 rpm and meets United States Tier 2 emissions regulations. Designed to be a good fit for rental stores, these models have an instrument panel that incorporates a cluster of warning lights, fuel gauge and a service hour meter to easily verify the status of the machine systems. The ignition switch includes an engine pre-heat feature that assists engine start-up in cold weather. The instrument panel can also be protected with a lockable cover to prevent vandalism.

Four rubber isolation mounts on the base of the operator's platform have been improved to provide operator comfort. The isolation mount limits engine vibration that is transmitted to the operator's station, gauges and indicators. These models incorporate time-saving serviceability features. The engine enclosure easily lifts and locks into place with a prop rod. External engine components, hydraulics and routine service points are clustered in easy-to-access locations.

“The E-Series control console has been angled to improve the operator's comfort,” says Terry Sharp, Solutions & Services manager for Caterpillar Paving Products. “The engine oil change interval has been increased to 500 hours, up from 250 hours.”

Verified by Terry Sharp, Solutions & Services manager for Caterpillar Paving Products.
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Engine: 83 hp
Drum width: 59 inches
Engine operating speed: 2,800 rpm

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