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Allied's NT 8900 Provides More with Less

The all-new model NT 8900 focuses on narrow trench soil compaction and provides more with less.

Appropriately sized to mount on loader/backhoes, the NT 8900 produces the same compaction power as a 24-inch wide compactor, but does it with a narrow frame and 16-inch base plate. As a result, the NT 8900 is designed to reduce digging time and the amount of material to be excavated.

An eccentric, rotating weight creates vibrations and impulse energy to provide the needed forces for effective soil compaction. Eccentric rotation in a cross trench direction helps trap material against the side of the trench, rather than pushing down the trench, for faster production.

The specially designed base plate assists backfilling and leveling while preventing material build-up within the frame and motor area.

Additional features include motor options ranging from 12 to 20 gpm to match carrier hydraulic flow while providing constant compaction force, hoses routed inside of the mounting frame for protection, optional swivel mounting brackets to allow precise positioning and a patented VMS mounting system matches carrier or quick-coupler dimensions.

“The NT 8900 comes with a VMS as standard equipment,” says Al Springer, national sales manager. “This positive feature accomplishes what the rental centers are trying to achieve when it comes to attachments for their backhoes and mini-excavators to be able to attach and remove the attachments quickly, safely and easily.
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Verified by Greg Smith, marketing communications manager.


Base plate: 16 by 32 inches
Motor options: 12 to 20 gpm
Parts: 65% interchangeability with the model 8700C

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