Product of the Week - Terex Offers New X-Boost Option for Digger Derricks

Product of the Week - Terex Offers New X-Boost Option for Digger Derricks

Terex Utilities now offers the multi-control X-Boost as an option for Terex Commander 4000 digger derricks. The optional X-Boost system activates increased hydraulic power to give Terex digger derrick operators increased load handling and lifting capacity within a 10-foot radius. The X-Boost can be installed at the factory on new, or retrofitted with a manufacturer’s kit on to existing, Terex Commander 4000 models.

On a Terex digger derrick equipped with X-Boost, a sensor monitors the truck’s boom angles. When the boom reaches proper elevation, a sensing switch on the system adjusts pressure to match the lift cylinder pressure to the load. This pressure adjustment allows the machine to handle loads within a 10-foot radius from the centerline of the truck’s rotation.

“Terex digger derricks excel at digging holes, hoisting and setting utility poles and lifting a variety of materials,” said John Pantzke, project manager, Terex Utilities. “The X-Boost system allows customers to maintain the performance of their unit in the digging zone combined with increased lifting capacity at higher boom angles. This option is yet another way for us to help our customers operate more efficiently.”

To learn more about the Terex X-Boost digger derrick option, as well as other Terex Utilities products and services, visit

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