RER Spotlights: Outdoor Power Equipment | July 2012

RER Spotlights: Outdoor Power Equipment | July 2012


Ariens offers the Power Brush 36 as part of its line of snow products. The 36-inch-wide brush head is designed for fast clearing work, and the height adjustment system accommodates various surfaces and optimizes brush wear. The brush head also rotates 40 degrees and has an operator-controlled pivot lock, allowing it to clear snow and ice off of uneven surfaces where shovels and snow throwers miss. Powered by a 265-cc all-season Subaru engine, the Power Brush features electric start and an automatic traction-control system powers the all-wheel drive train. The Power Brush 36 is an all-season machine that can be used for dethatching lawns and clearing snow, sand, dirt, grass clippings and other debris.

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SourceOne offers the DT220 Dethatchr, which is engineered to provide low maintenance and durability. The flail blade assembly has 11 blade height settings to remove thatch without disturbing root structure in virtually any turf, and no tools are needed to make height adjustments. The user can also turn the DT220 into a combination one-pass seeder with the addition of the DT020 Seeder Kit or convert it to a sliver with the DT010 Slicer Kit.

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DR Power Equipment

DR Power Equipment introduces a new attachment for its DR Trimmer/Mower. The new DR DuraBlades are designed to allow customers to quickly swap their trimming cord for a set of blades that cut through heavier vegetation too thick for cutting cord. The new grass-cutting blades feature a tough, metal cutting edge embedded in a lightweight polymer that slices through light brush and brambles up to 3/8 of an inch thick.

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JP Carlton

JP Carlton introduces the SP4012TRX to its stump cutter line, coupling a hydraulic-controlled, self-propelled grinder with a versatile rubber-track undercarriage. The TRX version offers engine options including petrol and diesel from 27 to 44 hp and brands including Kohler, Subaru, Vanguard and Kubota. The SP4012TRX is also available with lever controls, wired remote control or wireless remote control. It uses a rubber high-track system that incorporates multiple idler rollers and spring tensioning to keep the track at optimal efficiency for running and tracking characteristics.

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Little Beaver

Little Beaver's Hydraulic Earth Drill combines a higher horsepower engine with the convenience of hydraulic drive for applications including fence and sign installation, landscaping and soil sampling. Featuring an 11-hp Honda overhead valve gas engine, the HYD-PS11H has a five-gallon reservoir capacity and is mounted on a three-wheel chassis. The compact design allows access to areas unreachable by skid-steer-mounted augers. Front and rear handles are designed to make loading and unloading fast and easy. An integrated forward/reverse lever lets the operator remove the auger if it gets caught under an obstruction such as a rock or a tree root.

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The Bradco Ground Shark extreme-duty brush cutter by Paladin attaches to high-flow skid steers for increased production, reliability and ease of maintenance when clearing tough ground vegetation, brush and sapling trees up to 7 inches in diameter. Four blades with alternating bevels provide deep, penetrating self-clearing axe-like cuts and spin on a heavy-duty retention disc for increased stability and smooth operation. To increase blade wear life, the ¾-inch thick high-grade steel blades are designed to rotate in when there is contact with an obstacle.

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General Equipment

Featuring total hydraulic operation, General Equipment Co.'s 660 DIG-R-MOBILE is designed for fence placement, sign installation and general homeowner and construction projects. The 660 DIG-R-MOBILE's hydraulic system is designed to rotate augers at the same speeds found with General's 300 Series portable hole-digging units. This design parameter produces clean, usable holes in a wide range of soil classifications. In addition, the 13-hp Honda gasoline engine allows operation at reduced speeds, increasing component life and producing less noise impact. Augers are available in 2- to 18-inch diameter formats with standard digging lengths.

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TurfEx introduces its first self-propelled spreader/sprayer combination unit. The new RS7200 Spread-N-Spray is powered by a 200-cc Honda GX200 engine with a 2:1 ratio gear reducer. Its heavy-duty transmission includes two forward gears, plus neutral and reverse. The unit comes with a hand-operated transmission disc brake, as well as a foot-controlled sulky band brake. The large-capacity hopper accommodates 150 pounds, or 3 cubic feet of material, which can be spread up to 11 feet wide. Additionally, the balances tank system holds 17 gallons of liquid and contains one fill port for quick, convenient refilling. The sprayer is powered by a 2-gpm pump, and the low-pressure nozzles offer multiple spray patterns to apply liquid up to 11 feet wide.

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Honda Power Equipment

Honda Power Equipment offers its WT Series trash pumps, featuring an OHV commercial-grade engine, rugged full-frame protection, quick-release clean-out and durable Silicon carbide mechanical seals. Other features include a conical-shaped cast-iron impeller for improved priming and durability; replaceable stainless-steel wear plates for extended life, long-life silicon carbide water seals; and a lightweight cast aluminum pump housing.

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Vermeer Corp.

The Vermeer SC602 stump cutter is designed for tree-care contractors to make short work of major stump-removal projects. The SC602 features a Caterpillar C2.2T Tier 4i diesel engine that produces 60 hp and 142 foot pounds of torque to power through the toughest stump-cutting jobs. A 12-gallon capacity fuel tank helps reduce the number of fuel refills. The patented AutoSweep system monitors engine speed and automatically adjusts the cutter wheel sweep rate to maximize productivity and reduce premature wear. A direct driveline powers the cutter wheel, eliminating the need for belt-drive maintenance. The cutter wheel can achieve cutting heights of 24 inches above ground and 19 inches below grade. The SC602 stump cutter also offers the Yellow Jacket cutter system, which features a universal tooth that can accommodate all cutting positions on the cutter wheel.

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Billy Goat

The new BC2600 Outback Brushcutter from Billy Goat features Tuff Torque hydro transmission with enhanced traction control for positive traction on hillsides. Other features include a 12-degree pivoting deck with proprietary return to neutral for smooth passage over uneven terrain; a 26-inch-wide deck with higher tip speed for improved speed and cut quality; and thicker, wider, plow-style handles and hand guards for better leverage and protection. A heavy-duty blade spindle is reinforced in four directions for maximum durability in harsh environments.

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The new Toro LS-9 log splitter is designed for logs up to 26 inches in length in both vertical and horizontal applications, as well as fast cycle times and a splitting force of 28 tons. Catch plates and kick-out plates come standard on the LS-9, protecting operators from falling logs and pinch points. Featuring a 9-inch solid-steel wedge, a 10-gallon hydraulic tank and a Subaru EX27 9-hp engine, the Toro LS-9 log splitter is engineered for high-output productivity. For ease of transportation, the LS-9 comes standard with trailer lights, a rubber torsion suspension axle for safe and smooth towing and an adjustable swing-away jack with pneumatic tires for easy maneuvering on turf.

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ECHO Bear Cat

The new 21-ton LS21 log splitter from ECHO Bear Cat was designed with ease of operation in mind. The new model was designed with best-in-class bed height to give the user a comfortable operating position, while decreasing physical effort and maximizing efficiency, the maker says. The LS21 can be used in the horizontal or vertical positions, giving the operator dual application options. The new wider end plate increases stability when operating the LS21 in the vertical position. The new model features the Subaru 190cc OHC vertical engine with cast iron liner, designed to increase the life of the engine and the machine itself.

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