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Bandit Hydrostatic Stump Grinder Cuts Out Belt Maintenance

Bandit Hydrostatic Stump Grinder Cuts Out Belt Maintenance

Bandit Industries introduces its new Model 2550XP self-propelled stump grinder, available with up to 44 hp. Featuring beltless hydrostatic direct-drive, the Model 2550XP sets new standards for stump grinder production, reliability, chip containment and low maintenance, the maker says. Compared to similar stump grinders with traditional belt drive, the Model 2550XP typically has a lower cost of ownership through reduced maintenance needs and less downtime.

“The Model 2550XP is a mid-sized backyard stump grinder that virtually eliminates all maintenance costs associated with a typical stump grinder,” said Jason Morey, Bandit small equipment sales manager. “For these reasons it is a very appealing option for rentals as maintenance costs will be far less and it will also provide the power needed for those that want to rent a larger, yet more productive grinder. It also operates just as smooth as our smaller 2250XP, and of course with no belts there is far less downtime for maintenance.”

The reduced maintenance comes from the high-power hydrostatic motor used to directly power the cutter wheel with virtually no parasitic power loss. This eliminates the need for a clutch, jackshaft, drive belt, belt tensioning system, and the many sheaves and bearings associated with those components. This also allows the engine to be mounted lower and at the rear of the machine for better balance. An optional four-wheel-drive system is available for all-terrain traction, and with standard flotation tires the Model 2550XP can traverse delicate landscaping. Engine options range from 35- or 38-hp gasoline engines, or a pair of Kubota diesels with either 35 or 44 hp.

The 2550XP offers a 50-inch swing arc to cover a broad area, reducing the need to reposition the machine at the stump. It cuts to a maximum depth of 13.5 inches and features rubber chip curtains on both the operator's console and the machine itself to aid in chip containment. A standard swing-out operator's station provides the controls for the drive system, cutter wheel swing, and up/down movements of the cutter head, while also positioning the operator at a clear viewing angle to the grinding action.

Vital Stats

Power: up to 44 hp

Maximum cutting depth: 13.5 inches

Swing arc: 50 inches

Verified by Jason Morey, Bandit small equipment sales manager.
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