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Concrete Working Equipment

2006 RER Innovative Product Award

Category Winner

Power Blanket

The Power Blanket is designed to make curing concrete and thawing frozen ground more affordable, fast and easy. It thaws 4 to 8 inches of ground overnight. The curing blanket maintains optimum curing temperature at 65 to 70F with ambient to minus 10F. Cover up to 100 lineal feet or 600 square feet on a single 120V 20-amp circuit. Power Blankets can be plugged together to cover large areas. Power Blankets are 100 percent waterproof and are designed to be extremely durable and are easily repaired if ripped or torn. At only 1-inch thick, one person can maneuver the Power Blanket with ease. There are five sizes and three styles from which to choose. The 6-x12-foot utility/gravesite thawer is designed to thaw up to 3 feet of frozen ground in 36 hours.

Grind-N-Strip 1

Equipment Development Co. introduces its new, innovative single-disc grinder designed with all the bells and whistles. This unit features a new round shroud that allows the user to grind tight against any vertical surface; has large 10-inch wheels; and a solid T-handle assembly that makes it easy for the operator to control. The new lifting bail and side-mounted handles also make it easier to load and unload at the jobsite. The new 25-foot power cord enables the operator to plug and grind, and the new accessory toolbox tray will help keep grinder accessories organized.

Stone Champion Silo Mixers

The Stone Champion Silo Mixer line is comprised of two models — SM1200 and SM2000 — with capacities of 12 cubic feet and 20 cubic feet, respectively. The Silo mixers provide maximum productivity for large commercial and industrial jobs, both with silos or where the productivity afforded by the larger capacities is a requirement. The mixers are designed for jobs where mortar, grout, plaster and color mixers are supplied in pre-blended bulk bags. The mixers include adjustable legs to position them within any silo footprint. They are designed with several patented features including Stone’s Power Blend system, removable seals and bearing housing, and the seals and bearing configuration.


The C.U.B.E., or Cart-Away Universal Batching Equipment, is designed to allow users to control most aspects of jobsite ready-mix production. With a 1½-yard mixing capacity, the C.U.B.E. can produce 6 to 8 yards of concrete per hour. The loading, mixing and dispensing of the concrete materials are all completed inside the box, reducing the amount of equipment at the jobsite. The C.U.B.E. reduces the high cost of short-load fees and employee downtime associated with using a ready-mix truck. It is designed for construction applications where ready-mix is needed for several projects over an extended period of time. The C.U.B.E. is simple to transport by truck or trailer because it weighs only 3,500 pounds and is only 48 inches wide.

Hammerhead II Concrete Slab Buster

The Allied Hammerhead II is a self-contained hydraulic concrete slab buster designed to demolish concrete flatwork. The concrete is rubblized at a 45-degree angle from the point of impact. This concrete flatwork includes floors, driveways, bridge decks and roadways up to 12 inches thick. Utilizing only three moving parts, the Hammerhead II offers a simple, rugged design that minimizes maintenance and repair costs. The Allied Hammerhead II Model HB 550 is a 1,130-pound hydraulic concrete slab buster that mounts easily on a 5,000- to 9,000-pound skid-steer loader, 7,000- to 15,000-pound mini-excavator or 9,000- to 16,500-pound loader/backhoe.

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