2006 Innovative Product Award Category Finalists

2006 Innovative Product Award Category Finalists

Thank you for serving as a judge for the RER Innovative Product Award. This competition honors excellence in new product development in the equipment rental industry. RER is proud to bestow the Innovative Product Award on inventive products that ensure rental professionals and contractors are able to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

Please read through the category finalist entries listed below, then scroll down to cast your vote for the one product that best accomplishes this objective.

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Allied’s ongoing product improvement has now taken its Ho-Pac vibratory compactor/driver to a different level with the introduction of the Model 1000 Skid-Pac. The all-new extreme Skid-Pacs have taken the Ho-Pac vibratory compactor technology and put it into motion. Mounted on a skid-steer loader, the Model 1000 now travels quickly over soil in flatwork, delivers more impact energy, has an errorless four-function valve and maintenance-free oil splash bearing lubrication. The Model 1000 Skid-Pac fits all manufacturers’ skid steers in the 4,000-pound to 14,000-pound weight range that use the universal mounting quick-change couplers.

Computer Software

Equipment Management Center

Qualcomm's equipment management center combines the power of the GlobalTRACS equipment management system with integrated reporting to help rental companies increase productivity and profitability. Customers can view critical business information in a map of equipment location, machine health and more, or in a traditional, exportable report; subscribe equipment to groups and manage by type or jobsite; and automatically route maintenance technicians. Qualcomm's professional services team can work with customers to ensure that data are customized for specific business needs. The service offers one-stop viewing of vital information, from machine location and health to rental status and preventive maintenance timing.

Concrete Working Equipment

Power Blanket

The Power Blanket is designed to make curing concrete and thawing frozen ground more affordable, fast and easy. It thaws 4 to 8 inches of ground overnight. The curing blanket maintains optimum curing temperature at 65 to 70F with ambient to minus 10F. Cover up to 100 lineal feet or 600 square feet on a single 120V 20-amp circuit. Power Blankets can be plugged together to cover large areas. Power Blankets are 100 percent waterproof and are designed to be extremely durable and are easily repaired if ripped or torn. At only 1-inch thick, one person can maneuver the Power Blanket with ease. There are five sizes and three styles from which to choose. The 6-x12-foot utility/gravesite thawer is designed to thaw up to 3 feet of frozen ground in 36 hours.


One-man post-hole digger

MTA Distributors announces the development of the first one-man auger powered by a Honda engine. Pengo manufactures the new one-man auger exclusively for MTA Distributors. The 2.5-hp Honda four-cycle engine accepts 1-inch round or 1-inch square hub augers without an adaptor and can be used with augers up to 8 inches in diameter. The engine also features maximum torque of 80 foot pounds, 37:1 gear reduction, no oil bath gears, gearbox grease capacity of 6-ounces high-temperature transmission grease, and 2 quarter-inch shoe-, rotor- and cup-type centrifugal clutch engages at 3,300 rpm.

Earthmoving Equipment

Worksite Pro roller levels

The new John Deere Worksite Pro RL66 and RL84 roller levels make grading, leveling and contouring with detail control a breeze for skid-steer operators. These new attachments — an exclusive product of John Deere — are a patented box blade with roller level designed to do landscape and site preparatory work without hydraulics. As a result, the initial cost and operating costs are less than other final grade tools. Uptime is also maximized since the roller level is a simple mechanical attachment with no hydraulic motors. Two greaseable bearings and two replaceable cutting edges enhance uptime.


PowerSource G10 – G125 mobile generators

Ingersoll Rand PowerSource mobile generators are designed to offer compact design for performance, simplicity and value, and the six G10 to G125 models range from 10 kVA to 125 kVA. PowerSource generators boast low noise signatures and are designed to feature best-in-class motor-starting capacity through high-quality alternators with AREP technology. Environmental skidbases provide minimum 110-percent containment of all generator fluids. PowerSource generators are multi-voltage capable and feature voltage selector switch protection, an innovative solution reducing downtime and costly damage to the generator. All controls and connection points are grouped in an ergonomically designed power pedestal for convenience and safety.

Lawn & Garden Equipment

Woodchuck SG-65 stump grinder

EZ Trench’s new stump grinder breaks away from traditional vertical cutting blades and uses a horizontal carbide blade. This design makes grinding stumps or cutting brush easier because it cuts against the wood grain. The Woodchuck weighs only 160 pounds, and is compact enough to transport in an SUV or pickup truck. A Honda GX200 6.5-hp engine coupled with a transmission that is in oil provides ample power and protection for the Woodchuck. There are not any belts to maintain because the transmission is coupled to a 50-hp rated right-angle gearbox with a chain/sprocket coupler. The Woodchuck’s simple design and operation makes it customer friendly and easy to maintain.


Toucan Model E33MJ

The Toucan E33MJ from JLG provides rental opportunities to customers who need overhead access with extended reach to confined areas such as those frequently found inside factories and warehouses where reaching jobs requires maneuvering through confined areas and over ground level obstructions. It features a 32-foot, 9-inch platform height with a telescoping jib boom that extends the platform up to 14 feet, 6 inches horizontally away from the mast. The mast rotates 360 degrees and has a 500-pound platform capacity in all configurations. It has 20 percent gradeability with non-marking lugged tires for inside and outside operation on improved surfaces, a 55-ampere charger, 930 amp-hour batteries and a 110-V AC receptacle in the platform.

Material Handling Equipment

Boxer Brute TRX

With a compact footprint of only 44 inches by 70 inches, the Brute TRX lives up to its name, boasting an operating capacity of 900 pounds. The Boxer Brute TRX is powered by a fuel-efficient, 27-hp Kohler Command Pro gasoline engine. A two-pump, 3,000-psi hydraulic operating system develops 12.6 gpm of hydraulic flow to run the machine’s auxiliary and propulsion systems. The small stature of the BruteTRX allows it access to virtually any project, the company says. The Brute travels at a full 3.5 mph speed, with a ground clearance of 7 inches.

Compact telehandlers

JLG compact telehandlers are designed for applications where compact size and maneuverability are highly valued. Model G5-19A has a 5,000-pound rated capacity and 19-foot maximum lift height; and the Model G6-23A has a 6,600-pound rated capacity and 23-foot maximum lift height. They are designed to feature outstanding operator visibility with a clear view cab, side-mounted engine and low boom pivot. For operator comfort, they have an adjustable seat and steering column, a standard heater/demister and an optional air conditioner. Both have lower gross weight for ease of transport and use in some demanding applications. They are available with a variety of forks and buckets for use in general construction, landscaping and agriculture.



Centreville Manufacturing introduces the AutoCone130 traffic cone management system. This machine automatically places up to 130 traffic cones and picks them up when the job is done. The AutoCone130 eliminates the danger of workers sitting on the tailgate picking up cones a few feet from speeding traffic. It works from either the driver or passenger side using 36- or 28-inch cones with weights. The AutoCone130 tows behind any standard ¾- or 1-ton pickup, eliminating the need for a special vehicle. Only one person is needed to drive the truck and operate the machine. The AutoCone130 is battery powered, making it both environmentally friendly and cost effective. Custom options are available for specific needs.

Remote boom control

Gehl Co. introduces its Radio Remote Control System, which allows a telescopic handler operator to control boom functions using a compact, wireless remote control pendant from outside the cab, or from within a personnel work platform. The hand-held pendant can be used to raise, lower, extend and retract the boom, and start and stop the engine. Designed as a time-saving option, especially for roofing and construction contractors, the system allows contractors to be more productive, by not requiring the operator to remain in the cab. The pendant/transmitter is waterproof and resistant to impacts encountered on jobsites. The solid-state unit has a proportional trigger control for controlling the speed of the boom.

Power Tools

HT8 MultiSpeed drum floor sander

Does your car have only one speed? Imagine a rental marketplace where power tools operate at only one speed with no adjustments for user skill level and no adjustments for job conditions — no adjustments … period. Until now, that’s the way it has been with drum floor sanders, Hiretech says. Designed specifically for the tool rental market, Hiretech’s new HT8 Multi-Speed is the world’s first and only multiple-speed drum floor sander, the company says. This new 4-speed floor sander builds on Hiretech’s 50+ years experience in the rental market, and allows rental operators to provide their novice DIYers and skilled users with professional results comfortably, easily and safely.

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