Wheelwash Rhino wheel and tire cleaning system

The Rhino Multi, by Wheelwash, is the ultimate, go-anywhere, self-contained wheel and vehicle cleaning range of systems that solves all on-site environmental protection problems. It is well suited to rental and contractor customers.

  • Fully automatic – Standard unit cleans more than 200 vehicles per day.
  • Easily installed – Delivered on a HI-AB and ready for use in a couple of hours.
  • Modular – All tanks and secure lighted/heated pumphouse integrated.
  • Adaptable – Can be surface mounted on virtually any surface, or inset.
  • Low maintenance – Connectors on settlement tanks allow easy cleaning.
  • Water recycling – Continually recycle and clean over 90 percent of water.
  • Site requirements – Requires main water supply, 460V 3-phase electric supply or portable generator.
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