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Innovative Product Award Finalists

Innovative Product Award Finalists


CompactionPro PF280R

MMD Equipment’s CompactionPro PF280R reversible vibratory plate compactor is powered by the 9-hp Honda electronic-ignition engine and combines a twin eccentric shaft-type vibrator to deliver 7,871 pounds of compacting force (the highest centrifugal force in its class) and 4,200 VPM. Ruggedly designed for medium-sized applications and 9,660 ft2/hr of productivity, the PF280R features: a lower center-of-gravity for stability up to a 44-degree incline, reliable hydraulic direction control with fingertip-touch reversibility, an abrasion-resistant alloy-steel plate nearly ¾-inch thick with a lifetime warranty, 100 percent edge-to-edge compaction, low handle vibration, longer belt-life and an easy access flip-lever throttle control located on the handlebar.

Compressors/Air Tools

AirSource line

The AirSource line is actually three models of portable, tow-behind, diesel-powered air compressors. The AirSource model is 160 CFM at 100 psi powered by a 49-hp Ingersoll-Rand engine, the AirSource Plus IR model is 185 CFM at 100 psi powered by a 62-hp Ingersoll-Rand engine, and the AirSource Plus JD is 185 CFM at 100 psi powered by a 65-hp John Deere engine. All engines are Tier II compliant.

Product highlights include a virtually indestructible, corrosion-resistant canopy made from an engineered composite material. The canopy opens to 45 degrees for routine maintenance and opens to an industry-leading 90 degrees for unprecedented component access. The AirSource line also features a remote, spin-on separator element, eliminating the need to enter the separator tank to service this vital component.

Computer Software


Enfinity, from Solutions by Computer, is a revolutionary system built on 23 years of inventory management software experience. Enfinity helps rental, sales and service businesses maximize returns on inventory investment through rigorous tracking and intuitive transactions, RFID, image capture, service scheduling, transparent accountability, intelligent data trees and more. Windows-based Enfinity marries a post-relational database to Solutions’ powerful software applications to offer exceptional scalability, from one system to thousands of networked systems. The company’s flagship UNIX-based system, CounterPro, has been the leading choice of rental businesses in North America for more than two decades.

Concrete Working Equipment

Dry/Wet Cutting Saw

CM Diamond Blade’s dry/wet cutting saw has several unique features: a dry cut, dust-free system; no width limit of cut; and a handle suited for both right- and left-handed operation. This saw has a cutting capacity of 8 inches in height and 18 inches in length. It is lightweight, weighing only 68 pounds, thus allowing one person to transport it alone. This saw is also endowed with a 3-hp (at peak), 120 V motor.

Walk-behind Trowel Series - CT 36 and CT 48

Wacker asked the nation’s top concrete contractors what they want in a trowel. As a result of their input, Wacker’s new walk-behind trowel line offers improved operator safety, productivity and comfort.

Key features of the CT series:

  • Gyroscopic safety sensor and gearbox brake (patented). This unique technology allows the handle to stop rotation within 270 degrees, protecting the operator from a spinning handle.
  • Dynamically balanced design (patent pending) centers the weight of the trowel while the machine is in operation. This reduces the force required by the operator by as much as 50 percent and dramatically improves ease of operation, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity.
  • The handle design (patented) offers maximum control and comfort to the operator, again increasing productivity.
Four models are available in the series — two 36-inch and two 48-inch diameter models with the choice of either a Honda or Wacker engine.


WSR 1400-PE reciprocating saw

More powerful than any other reciprocating saw on the market, the WSR 1400-PE reciprocating saw delivers maximum cutting power and unique Hilti innovations like Smart Power and Active Vibration Reduction for the ultimate in cutting performance.

The Hilti Smart Power system is designed to maintain constant blade speed under load, which significantly reduces the cutting time. Equipped with the AVR system, vibration is greatly reduced to provide better working comfort. A 13.5-amp motor and six speed settings help ensure the right amount of power and cutting speed for each job, and the saw’s orbital action allows faster, more aggressive cutting.

Earthmoving Equipment

Bobcat T140 compact track loader

The Bobcat T140 compact track loader delivers excellent flotation and traction in soft ground conditions with its rubber tracks, minimizing damage to existing surfaces. Designed for grading, excavating and landscaping, the 1,400-pound rated loader is built to work in the tightest conditions (just 55 inches wide).

This model is only one of two compact track loaders with a 1,300- to 1,600-pound rated operating capacity, filling a niche in the compact equipment marketplace. The machine includes many of the features you’d expect from Bobcat Company, like a full suspension seat, deluxe cab, and nearly 17 gpm of standard hydraulic flow.

Engines/Power Sourcing

iGX general purpose engine

The Honda iGX is an intelligent computer controlled general purpose engine. It is the first in power equipment history with an integrated electronic control unit delivering complete drive-by-wire remote control capability.

The iGX 440 15-hp overhead cam engine works with a V-type valve layout and sparkplug-center combustion chamber to increase fuel economy by approximately 15 percent over similar engines. Its environmental performance is among the best in the world, with approximately 30 percent lower emissions than EPA Phase 2 and CARB Tier II standards.

The iGX, ideal for rental applications, needs no manual manipulation of the choke and throttle.


Mobile generator series – G 25, G50, G 75 & G 85

A new mobile generator line developed for the rental industry calls attention to Wacker’s commitment to the power equipment market. The four new models are manufactured at Wacker’s ISO 9001-2000 facility in Wisconsin and offer a wide range of customer benefits:

  • Reduced sound levels — Quietest in its class (example G 25 is just 63 dBA at 23 feet).
  • Improved motor starting capabilities — A new generator end with a separate excitation winding significantly improves motor starting capabilities.
  • Enhanced durability — measures have been taken overall to eliminate rust spots, including stainless-steel external hardware and hinges and galvanized door handles. The rear intake vent panel is treated with an automotive grade, corrosion-resistant coating and one-piece integral lifting structure eliminates external hardware.
  • Maximum flexibility — A number of options are available to allow the generators to be custom designed to the application … construction, special event, etc.
  • Easy to use — The simplified layout of the control panel makes it easy for a variety of users from different industries to understand and operate the generator.

Lawn & Garden Equipment

Steve's Hitch

Steve’s Hitch is an attachment for use on skid steers, forklifts and utility tractors’ 3-point hitches. Steve’s Hitch can safely and efficiently move equipment that uses ball/coupler, pintle, clevis/tongue, gooseneck and fifth-wheel style hitches.

Steve’s Hitch was invented by Steven and Ronald Gerres in 2001. Steve worked, along with his father, at the local Farmers Cooperative as part of a high school work-release program. Part of Steve’s job was to move anhydrous ammonia tank wagons/trailers/applicators that needed filling and park them for customer pick-up or delivery. After constantly getting in and out of the truck or on and off of the tractor, Steve asked his father if they could build a hydraulic attachment for skid steers so he would be able to move the equipment around efficiently and safely in confined and congested areas, so they built the first Steve’s Hitch. They say it saves them time and money, plus has a huge benefit as a worker safety and injury protection device.


JLG® Model T500J Tow-Pro™ trailer-mounted boom lift

The JLG Model T500J Tow-Pro trailer-mounted boom lift is gas or electric powered. It features a 50-foot platform height, 500 pounds of platform capacity, a 4-foot jib boom and can be towed at speeds up to 65 mph. The platform control box uses one-handed proportional controls.

For operating tools from the platform, a base-mounted accessory tray accommodates a customer-supplied generator, power washer or air compressor. Factory installed water, air and electric lines with quick connect fittings are routed through the boom from the base to the platform. Options include a material handling hook and a drive and outrigger set system.

Material Handling

Muck Truck

The new Muck Truck moves all kinds of materials over almost any terrain. With a Honda Engine, four-wheel drive and large tires, the machine will climb over obstacles, up steep slopes carrying a quarter-ton load faster and cheaper than a tracked vehicle.

Intuitive controls, four forward speeds and one reverse allow the operator to work quickly and efficiently. At only 28 inches wide the Muck Truck goes through standard doorways.

The Muck Truck is ideal for farming, gardening, building, remodeling, landscaping, golf course maintenance or any job that requires moving loads of materials from one place to another.


Wheelwash Rhino wheel and tire cleaning system

The Rhino Multi, by Wheelwash, is the ultimate, go-anywhere, self-contained wheel and vehicle cleaning range of systems that solves all on-site environmental protection problems. It is well suited to rental and contractor customers.

  • Fully automatic – Standard unit cleans more than 200 vehicles per day.
  • Easily installed – Delivered on a HI-AB and ready for use in a couple of hours.
  • Modular – All tanks and secure lighted/heated pumphouse integrated.
  • Adaptable – Can be surface mounted on virtually any surface, or inset.
  • Low maintenance – Connectors on settlement tanks allow easy cleaning.
  • Water recycling – Continually recycle and clean over 90 percent of water.
  • Site requirements – Requires main water supply, 460V 3-phase electric supply or portable generator.

  • Power Tools

    SL-8 Velcro drum sander

    Essex Silver-Line’s new, time-saving Velcro sandpaper attachment for rotary drum sander makes paper attachment simple, easy and friendly. Rugged nylon Velcro hooks mounted on our rubber resilient rotary drum, matched with our nylon loops mounted on our sandpaper. This method holds the sandpaper tight around the drum eliminating paper explosion and clogged fans. Results are exceptional! Even grits #12 and #16 very coarse papers are easily attached. No chatter marks, no streaks, and no gouges, it gives a professional type final result. Velcro drum exchanges are easy, quick, and reasonably priced. It’s a time-saver for counter personnel. The simple demo of attachment is less than a minute. No wrenches, no screwdrivers, no bar, no fiddling with belts, just simple easy and customer friendly.

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