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European Cat Rental Giant Zeppelin Rental Joins SmartEquip Network

European Cat Rental Giant Zeppelin Rental Joins SmartEquip Network

Zeppelin Rental, a leading European provider of construction support and equipment rental services, has begun implementation of SmartEquip technology for use across all of its 120 locations. By utilizing SmartEquip’s Enterprise application, Zeppelin Rental, one of the world’s largest Cat Rental Store programs, will automate equipment service and repair processes, increase technician productivity, eliminate spare part order errors, and further improve rental fleet uptime and availability.

The integration with the company’s rental management, purchasing, and financial systems will enable Zeppelin Rental to leverage SmartEquip integration with the manufacturers and dealers of almost 400 equipment brands from Europe and North America, resulting in efficiencies for both Zeppelin Rental and its suppliers. The company expects to conduct virtually all of its spare parts transactions with dealers and manufacturers by the middle of 2019.

“The intelligently automated distribution of service support and parts documentation by our suppliers, directly into the workflow of our service technicians will produce further improvements in service cost and fleet availability across our operation,” said Martin Sebestyén, Zeppelin Rental’s head of rental and fleet management. “In addition, the platform will provide suppliers with instant reductions in the cost of supporting our fleet, and an improved efficiency in supplying spare parts. This results in a win-win efficiency improvement for all of us.”

“Partnering with an industry leader like Zeppelin Rental is a tremendous step for our company,” said Alexander Schuessler, SmartEquip founder and president of the company’s International Group. “More than half the suppliers on the SmartEquip Network today are active in the highly dynamic European rental market. Zeppelin Rental’s membership will not only accelerate the current rate of adoption, but also increase the benefits to dealers and manufacturers who are already active on the network.”

SmartEquip is expected to go live at Zeppelin Rental during the first quarter of 2019.

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