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Deutz and Liebherr Agree to Strategic Engine Alliance

Deutz and Liebherr Agree to Strategic Engine Alliance

Deutz AG and Liebherr Machines Bulle S.A. have agreed to a strategic alliance in which Liebherr will grant Deutz worldwide sales and service rights for 200 to 700kW diesel engines for a variety of applications. These engines are being developed for the EU Stage 5, U.S. Tier 4, China IV and EU Stage IIIA emissions standards and thus meet the future statutory requirements regarding exhaust emissions. The engines manufactured by Liebherr will be available to Deutz for series delivery from 2019.

The engines are a fit with Deutz’ product portfolio. The engine maker plans to sell them under its own brand to customers, including through its dealer network. Deutz also will receive exclusive rights for the production of a Liebherr 9-liter engine in China. Also, an expansion in the use of Deutz engines in Liebherr’s machines up to 150 kW is planned.

Deutz and Liebherr have already partner together in a number of areas. The two companies plan to sign contracts on the details of the strategic alliance soon.

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