Aggreko CEO Chris Weston left and Total Marketing amp Services president Momar Nguer sign a global supply agreement in Paris last month
Aggreko CEO Chris Weston, left, and Total Marketing & Services president Momar Nguer, sign a global supply agreement in Paris last month.

Aggreko, Total Extend Supply Agreement to Europe

Total and Aggreko recently signed an agreement to extend their existing relationship to cover the whole of Europe, as a first step. Total currently supplies Aggreko with lubricants, petroleum products and associated services in 17 countries primarily in the Middle East and Africa. This European extension includes technical collaboration to test and develop new innovative solutions in lube oil and fuels that marks a step to collaborate in wider geographies. 

The agreement will also help broaden the partnership between the two organizations and is a demonstration of closer collaboration, innovation and future product and market development.

Aggreko supplies Total with tailored mobile, modular power, heating, and cooling across its Exploration and Production, Refining and Chemical branches. The two companies are leaders in their respective fields and this strategic partnership will help them further develop their hybrid and gas offerings, as well as address their future market and technology challenges.  Aggreko and Total are ideally placed to provide flexible and innovative solutions to reduce the cost of energy for their customers around the world.

The deal will help to further Aggreko’s ambition to reduce the cost of energy for customers around the world. The European extension of the partnership will enable further technical collaboration between the two companies to test and develop new innovative solutions to lube oil and fuels. Both companies will be able to develop their hybrid and gas offerings, as well as address future market and technology challenges

“As a global energy group, positioned on the entire oil and gas chain, we want to offer Aggreko proximity and multi-energy solutions to best meet the different needs of their customers," said Momar Nguer, president of Total Marketing & Services.

Aggreko’s CEO Chris Weston, said:  “We are delighted to develop our alliance with Total and to supply them with a broader suite of services. Both businesses make a massive difference to customers around the world, our investment and capabilities complement Total’s investment in the future of fuels, lubricants and multi-energy systems.”

Based in Scotland, Aggreko world leader in power generation, is No. 11 on the RER 100.

Total Marketing Services develops and markets products primarily derived from crude oil, along with all of the associated services. Its 31,000 employees are present in 110 countries and its products and services offers are sold in 150 countries. Total Marketing Services serves more than 8 million customers in its network of more than 16,000 service stations in 65 countries. 

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