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Much of Aggreko39s business involves powering large events such as presidential inaugurations above Olympics Super Bowls and more
Much of Aggreko's business involves powering large events such as presidential inaugurations (above), Olympics, Super Bowls and more.

Aggreko Lands Bid to Power Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

Aggreko has won the bid to provide temporary power for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games to be held in Queensland, Australia. The company will also become an official supporter of the event, Australia’s largest event in more than a decade, through a significant sponsorship.

The contract includes powering all 18 competition venues, the International Broadcast Centre, the opening and closing ceremonies and other non-competition venues, such as the Commonwealth Games Village.

A team of more than 100 Aggreko engineers, project managers and global events specialists will come together from the company’s Brisbane depot and elsewhere throughout Australia to design, manage, install and operate its generators and allied electrical distribution equipment.

“We are very proud to be an Official Supporter of GC2018, providing all the events’ temporary power requirements,” said Chris Weston, Aggreko CEO. “Our people on the ground in Australia, and the wider Aggreko team, look forward to working with the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation and helping them host a successful event.”

Aggreko has been operating in Australia since 1980. The company has seven branches in Australia. “The expertise and operational capabilities that the Aggreko team has in the area of temporary power delivery is critical given the absolute reliance on the system across so many GC2018 venues and operations,” said Peter Beattie AC, the games’ chairman. “The temporary power systems supplied by Aggreko will also contribute to the Commonwealth Games sustainability planning by optimising the use of existing venue power supplies and providing all additional power requirements through temporary infrastructure.

“Aggreko joins an increasing number of GC2018 sponsors and reinforces through their interest and commitment the level of confidence business has in aligning their brand with the Commonwealth Games.”

Aggreko plc is the leading global provider of modular, mobile power and adjacent product solutions. Aggreko employs more than 7,300 people operating from 204 locations. The company is No. 10 on the RER 100.

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