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The new modular and mobile approach combines lowcost renewables in particular solar with thermal generation and battery storage in a single contract Photo by Aggreko
The new modular and mobile approach combines low-cost renewables, in particular solar, with thermal generation and battery storage in a single contract.

Aggreko and Younicos Launch Microgrids-as-a-Service Rental Solution

Battery storage integrator Younicos, together with its parent company Aggreko, leading global provider of modular, mobile power, are launching a new microgrids-as-a-service offer. The new modular and mobile approach combines low-cost renewables – in particular solar – with thermal generation and battery storage in one single contract with flexible conditions.

An initial project, a copper and zinc mine in Eritrea, is now being equipped with a PV-plus-diesel hybrid system. This combination is designed to reduce fuel costs by more than 10 percent, thanks to a power purchase agreement for the solar energy, with no upfront costs to the customer. Under the 10-year rental agreement, the mine will be powered by a 22-MW diesel plant and a 7.5-MW solar power resource.

“Microgrids-as-a-service is a win-win proposition,” said Karim Wazni, managing director of Aggreko. “With this new offering, we enable our customers to reduce their electricity costs through the use of cheaper solar energy, without any compromise to their power reliability or security of supply. Integrating grid-forming battery systems allow as much solar as is economically optimal to be deployed, without any technical limitations. What’s more it also cuts fuel requirements by significantly improving thermal generation efficiency and replacing the need for backup. This lower costs while reducing the impact on the environment by cutting emissions significantly.

“We already offer plug-and-play battery solutions for rental periods of only a few months. Integrating storage capability with Aggreko’s existing hybrid solar-diesel offering doesn’t just combine two types of savings – it allows us to really leverage the different technologies, with each component being used more efficiently while increasing overall resilience.”

Integrated microgrid solutions will be available with rental durations as short as five years, enabling customers to test new technology and quickly adapt to a fast-evolving market, without the need for lengthy commitments. This modular offer is also flexible, and can be combined with other types of renewable generation such as wind.

“This unique, mobile and modular pay-as-you-go solution is a perfect example of the strengths of Aggreko and Younicos reinforcing each other,” added Dan Ibbetson, managing director of Aggreko’s global solutions unit. “Aggreko’s proven ability to successfully deploy generation systems and other energy equipment globally is being combined with the Younicos team’s superior smart energy management software and experiencing to seamlessly integrate renewables with thermal generation and battery storage. We’re building a robust pipeline of hybrid projects as we work with customers to reduce power costs and environmental footprint, while ensuring energy security and stability of supply to meet long-term commercial objectives.”

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