Ventalus to Market Powered Access Equipment in Russia

[Editor’s Note: This is a corrected version of an article that ran in the Jan. 18 version of RER Reports that incorrectly stated that Alimek Hek is a partner in Ventalus.]

Austria-based Hek & Partner OG has launched a new aerial sales company in Russia called Ventalus. Ventalus, founded by Maria Kornilova and Ernst van Hek on behalf of Hek & Partner OG, will focus on high-quality used powered access equipment and telehandlers. The company will be headquartered in Moscow.

Although the focus will be on used equipment, Ventalus plans to begin distributing new products as well during the first quarter of 2012.

“Our company has a lot of experience and knowhow of powered access equipment and the local market, as both of us and our sales team have worked already for a long time in this business area,” said van Hek. “We will only sell good quality used powered access equipment from renowned brands that all comply with the local regulations and certifications. All machines have been thoroughly inspected before delivery. Our strategy is to be a reliable partner for customers who want to be confident buying high-quality used equipment for a reasonable price.”

“Ventalus is created to meet the needs of the growing Russian market for powered access products and telehandlers,” added Kornilova. “The Russian market for powered access equipment is still quite small compared to other markets; however the potential for growth is there. The market recognizes the tremendous time- and money-saving potential when using powered access.”

The product focus will be scissorlifts, straight and articulated boomlifts, track-mounted aerial work platforms and telehandlers. The company will sell to Russian rental companies and end users.

“From experience I know that local after-sales service is extremely important for Russian customers,” said Kornilova. “That is why Ventalus has set up a network of well-established and trained service partners in the geographical areas where Ventalus is selling.”

Van Hek founded Hek & Partner OG in August 2011 and is based in Tyrol, Vomperbach, Austria. Among the manufacturers the company represents are MEC from the United States, Jekko from Italy, Power Tower from the U.K. and ATN from France.

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