NationsRent Relief Fund Aids Employees

NationsRent last week said contributions to the company’s NationsRent Employee Relief Fund have exceeded the company’s expectations. Since organizing the fund last month in response to employee needs because of Hurricane Charley, NationsRent employees and vendors have contributed, $18,218, which, combined with the company’s match of $30,000, brings the total close to $50,000.

Drew Pickens, NationsRent’s director of corporate communications, told RER that the fund is going to be part of the company’s long-term strategy. “By providing assistance to NationsRent employees or their immediate dependents who have experienced a catastrophic event, we are able to help them regain the necessary stability and resources to get back on their feet. We are going to build on the initial success of the fund so that it will be used not only to aid employees who are victims of future natural disasters, but also those who experience catastrophic events such as a fire, terminal illness, or severe car accident.”

Before establishing the fund, NationsRent took a number of steps to help employees affected by Hurricane Charley:

  • The company assembled a telephone contact list for emergency relief agencies;
  • Provided generators and other equipment to affected employees;
  • Provided employees affected by the storm with paid time off to handle personal business;
  • Purchased gift certificates from local restaurants for employees to enjoy hot meals;
  • Helping employees properly complete FEMA grant requests for federal assistance;
  • Arranged for counseling and legal services;
  • Provided emergency financial aid to help affected employees;
  • Provided emergency temporary living quarters while displaced employees sought new housing.
  • “It is our intention to build the fund over time so that it will, when combined with our own employee assistance program, provide continuity to employees who experience future catastrophic events,” added John Malone, executive vice president of administration.

    Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based NationsRent is No. 6 on the RER 100.

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