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Product of the Week - SLDG motor graders

Product of the Week - SLDG motor graders

SDLG offers a variety of motor graders for different project needs. The choice of the G9138, with its 8120 mm (length) by 2070 mm (width – front tire center lines) by 3,200 mm (height) dimensions, for APAC caters to demand for smaller, more cost-effective options in developing markets where there is greater rural and municipal road construction activity.

Both the G9138 and G9190 graders have fully-digital instrument panels with three-stage alarm electronic monitoring to ensure precise operator control.

Complementing the fully digital instrument panel in delivering precise grading are the G9138’s swing frame and the G9190’s hydraulically controlled moveable blade. It also allows the grader to make turns at more acute angles for close-quarter work or smaller roads. 

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