Product of the Week - Airmaster fogging fans

Product of the Week - Airmaster fogging fans

Airmaster’s fogging fans are available in three different series, the Hydro SS 700, the GT500 and HRSM model. The fogging fans provide a cool fog for industrial spot cooling and comfort.

The Hydro SS 700 series is designed for quiet performance and is available in three configurations: direct feed, bench top fogger and hanging sump fogger. Designed for cooling and humidification, the fogging fans are nozzle-free and insensitive to water quality.

The GT500 series is the workhorse for stationary cooling and humidification capable of cooling a 1,000-square-foot area as a stationary unit and larger areas with the optional oscillating motor accessory.

The HRSM series of mobile, self-contained fogging fans are designed for indoor or outdoor environments with 100 percent humidity. Optional accessories for all models include molded floor stands, wall mounts and ceiling support.

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