You Can Digga Two New Mini Loader Auger Drives at World of Concrete

You Can Digga Two New Mini Loader Auger Drives at World of Concrete

The new Digga mini-loader auger drives, the result of more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of planetary gearboxes and drives, will be presented at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas next week. The Digga 1MDS2 and 1MDS4 auger drives are engineered for use on mini loaders and compact tool carriers and will work effectively on auxiliary flows of between 6 and 16 GPM to accommodate the wide range of units on the market. It comes complete with a unit-specific mounting plate for installation and set-up.

The Model 1MDS2 auger drive is designed for simple applications with single axis two-way swing capabilities (forward-reverse) and the model 1MDS4 is designed for applications where dual axis 4-way swing capabilities (forward-reverse-left-right) are required. Offering both designs ensures that the exact job requirements are considered without purchasing more than is needed for the application.

Digga drilling drives are covered by warranty protection with a five-year warranty on the planetary gearbox, a three-year warranty on the hydraulic motor, with lifetime shaft pull-out warranty for extra protection.

Digga is headquartered in Yatala, Queensland, Australia, and has five manufacturing facilities on three continents. Digga’s North America headquarters are in Dyersville, Iowa. Visit

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