Point of Rental Offers Prizes for Fun and Serious Specials at Rental Show

Point of Rental Offers Prizes for Fun and Serious Specials at Rental Show

Point-of-Rental Software, in celebration of its 35th anniversary in 2018, will offer a number of giveaways, drink deals around New Orleans and innovative software at next week’s Rental Show in New Orleans.

Visitors to the Point of Rental Booth – No. 1451 – can:

  • Pick up a 35th anniversary drink cup. But it’s not just a cup. Several bars in New Orleans will be offering drink specials throughout The Rental Show for people carrying a #Happy35thPOR cup. The list of bars can be found at pointofrental.com/specials.
  • Get Point of Rental lanyards and gear. Employees will search for people wearing Point of Rental gear throughout the show and will hand out $100 in cash to a few of them.
  • Enter a raffle for a drone: POR partner TSO Mobile is providing a pair of drones with virtual reality headsets for two booth visitors. Enter the drawing and winning entries will win a VR Skycontroller that records HD video, has a 300-meter range, is controlled via mobile app, and has goggles to provide a real-time viewing experience.

But Point of Rental is also offering what it does best.

  • 50 percent off POR’s Rental Essentials’ Success Package ($225 value)
  • Free setup for CounterSign and a free tablet with a one-year commitment ($500 value)
  • Free setup for RentaleSign with a one-year commitment ($500 value);
  • And current customers can add a user license ($1,000 value) for $30.

More information is available at Point of Rental’s booth and online.

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