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New concrete dumper from Wacker Neuson
New concrete dumper from Wacker Neuson.

New Ride-On Trowel and Concrete Dumper Highlight Wacker Neuson at WOC

Always a major player at the World of Concrete, Wacker Neuson this year will show a number of new products, including a special concrete edition of its three-ton dumper as well as a new ride-on trowel with electronic fuel injection technology.

The 3001 concrete edition of the dumper is outfitted with a specially designed concrete chute that will speed delivery and placement of concrete. Wacker Neuson engineers, with the help of concrete contractors, designed the concrete chute and dumper’s special bucket shape to allow transport and placement of concrete with less spilling and precise placement while reducing splattering of the concrete. The metal chute has been shaped with high side walls to avoid spilling and the narrow-shaped front enables precise pouring. The 3001 bucket has been designed with special walls that are higher and tapered inward to avoid spilling during transport.

The larger capacity of the dumper, compared to a concrete buggy, allows contractors to transport 40 cubic feet of concrete per load. The unit offers all-wheel hydrostatic drive that allows transportation over rough terrain and in remote areas where the concrete truck can’t access. The articulated steering allows for a tight turning radius. Wacker Neuson also offers the DW50, DW60 and DW90 dumpers.

Wacker Neuson has paired its eight-foot ride-on trowel with a new electronic fuel injection engine. The mechanical steer CRT48-37V and power steer model CRT48-37V-PS are both powered by a 37-hp Briggs and Stratton Vanguard air-cooled gasoline engine with EFI technology. The CRT 48-37V mechanical steer is available with a patented torsional assist steering system, designed to reduce operator fatigue.

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