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The US AWP rental market reached 79 billion in revenue in 2014
The U.S. AWP rental market reached $7.9 billion in revenue in 2014.

More than 1.1 Million AWPs in Worldwide Rental Fleets, IPAF Reports

There are now more than 1,120,000 aerial work platforms, also known as mobile elevating work platforms, in the worldwide rental fleet, according to new research commissioned by the International Powered Access Federation. The total is an 8 percent increase compared to last year.

The United States AWP rental market recorded strong growth of 10 percent in 2014 to reach approximately $7.9 billion in revenue, according to the IPAF US Powered Access Rental Market Report 2015. The U.S. AWP rental fleet expanded by 7 percent in 2014 to exceed 500,000 units. Strong demand from the construction sector allowed for fleet expansion and improvement in rental rates, while balancing the negative impact of decreasing oil prices, the report said.

The Chinese MEWP rental market grew 25 to 30 percent in the past two years to reach about 9,000 units.

The European MEWP rental market grew slightly in 2014 by about 1 percent and is estimated at about €2.6 billion (about U.S. $3.96 billion), according to the IPAF European Powered Access Rental Market Report 2015. Fleet expansion continued at a slow pace to reach 285,000 units. The 10 European countries surveyed were Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the U.K.

Most European countries improved their situation in 2014, the report said. France and Finland were the only MEWP rental markets where deterioration continued. Spain and Italy showed signs of recovery after several years of shrinking. The markets in the U.K, Germany, Norway and Sweden grew at similar paces, driven mainly by fleet expansion.

The IPAF rental market reports are presented in an easy-to-read format, highlighting key facts and figures for senior management, such as fleet size, utilization rate and retention periods. The reports include an estimate of the size of the MEWP/AWP rental fleets worldwide, with a breakdown by region and machine type.

New aspects covered in the 2015 reports include average payback period by machine type; most commonly requested machine features and options, and the impact and consequences of new MEWP/AWP regulations and safety standards.

The U.S. report includes Canada. The European report includes seven individual country/regional sections: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Spain and the U.K. The reports are available in English and can be purchased at

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