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Komatsu CARE service team at J Fletcher Creamer amp Sons in honor of 100000 service intervals completed
Komatsu CARE service team at J. Fletcher Creamer & Sons in honor of 100,000 service intervals completed.

Komatsu America Completes 100,000th Service Interval

Komatsu America Corp., a leading global heavy equipment manufacturer, and its distributor, Komatsu Northeast, today announced the completion of Komatsu CARE’s 100,000th service interval. Komatsu America pioneered complimentary maintenance for Tier 4 machines in the construction industry with the launch of Komatsu CARE in 2011, the company said.

The 100,000th interval was completed on a Komatsu PC228USLC-10. A service certificate was presented to machine owner and Komatsu Northeast customer, J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, at a ceremony to celebrate the milestone.

Eligible Komatsu Tier 4 construction-sized machines, whether rented, leased or purchased, are covered by the Komatsu CARE program for the first three years or 2000 hours, whichever comes first. Komatsu CARE includes scheduled factory maintenance, oil sampling of each lubricated reservoir, a 50-point inspection at each service and up to two complimentary Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter exchanges in the first 9,000 hours. For certain Tier 4 machines, scheduled Diesel Exhaust Fluid tank flushes within the first five years are included as well.

“Komatsu CARE is about minimizing owning and operating costs, and maximizing reliability and resale value for customers,” said Mike Hayes, director of service marketing and distributor development for Komatsu America Corp. “Komatsu’s commitment to meeting customer needs is a big reason why Komatsu CARE remains the first and most comprehensive offering in the marketplace.”

The Komatsu CARE program resembles successful complimentary maintenance programs in the luxury auto industry. Programs like Komatsu CARE increase resale values of used equipment and increase the longevity of component life. With Komatsu CARE Certified Equipment, second owners can take comfort in knowing the equipment has been properly maintained since new and has been through a detailed certification process. Backed by Komatsu Financial and an available Komatsu extended warranty, Komatsu distributors offer this coverage exclusively. 

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