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North American customers take their turns operating Haulotte39s new HA61 LE PRO 100percent electric architecture boomlift
North American customers take their turns operating Haulotte's new HA61 LE PRO 100-percent electric architecture boomlift.

Haulotte North America Holds Customer Event to Launch New Boomlift

Haulotte North America held Open Days 2018, a customer event for U.S. and Canadian customers at its Virginia Beach, Va., headquarters last week. The event included education, hands-on machine demonstrations including an obstacle course, and the opportunity to be the first in the U.S. and Canada to test drive the new HA61 LE PRO 100-percent electric architecture boomlift.

“We invited 40 customers from 20 companies to join us for two days at our U.S. headquarters, and we are very pleased with the outcome of the event,” said Carlos Hernandez, executive managing director, Americas. “It’s not just a chance to show our customers appreciation for their business, it’s also a chance to get their feedback and strengthen our partnerships.”

Alexandre Saubot, Haulotte CEO, attended the event to share with North American companies the new business strategy that Haulotte unveiled in the spring at the Intermat conference in Paris. Looking to create a sustainable future, Haulotte will focus on creating strong business partnerships with customers and suppliers, build environmentally conscious products, and become a digital company. One result of the strategy is the new Pulseo Generation family of machines, a range of electric rough-terrain work platforms, designed to eliminate pollution and noise emissions.

The first product in the Pulseo Generation range was unveiled for the first time in North America. Originally showcased at Intermat, the HA61 LE PRO articulating boom in is the product of collaboration with customers and suppliers.

“We worked closely with customers to understand how they would use a machine of this type on jobsites,” said Maxime Girard, product manager. “We also partnered with suppliers to create new technologies to meet those customer requirements.”

On the final day of the event, participants got a chance to drive the machines around a test track built for the event. It also marked the beginning of a demonstration tour.

“We will have six machines in North America dedicated to giving customers and operators the opportunity to experience the machines for themselves in their own work environment,” said Giancarlo Bobbio, marketing director.

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