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SmartEquip39s middlemarket product is designed to help rental companies enhance efficiencies in product support and procurement
SmartEquip's middle-market product is designed to help rental companies enhance efficiencies in product support and procurement.

Durante Rentals Joins SmartEquip Network

Durante Rentals, a fast-growing construction equipment rental company in the New York Tristate area, has joined the SmartEquip Network. Durante Rentals is scheduled to go live with SmartEquip across all locations by March.

“We are a forward thinking and tech-savvy company that is constantly looking toward innovation to fuel our growth, which makes for a very natural partnership with SmartEquip,” said John Durante, founder and president of Durante Rentals. “By joining the network, we are able to implement best operating practices for both service and parts management across the equipment lifecycle, while also fully automating our procurement activity. We anticipate the cost savings in the first year alone to more than pay for the SmartEquip system.”

“Over recent years we have invested quite substantially in extending the reach of our network to rental companies in the mid-market,” added Alex Schuessler, president of SmartEquip’s international group and the company’s founder. “Given the caliber and reputation of Durante Rentals throughout the industry, we take tremendous pride in the validation their partnership brings to these efforts.”

SmartEquip technology enhances return on investment by increasing equipment uptime, improving both technician wrench time and transaction accuracy, while reducing cost of equipment ownership. The SmartEquip network currently supports more than 150 OEM brands, with more than 40,000 users across more than 4,000 locations in North America and Europe.


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