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Dirty Jobs’ Rowe Lobbies the Senate for Infrastructure Investment

Mike Rowe, host of the popular Discovery Channel show Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe, this week testified before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee’s hearing on “Manufacturing Our Way to a Stronger Economy” in support of U.S. manufacturing jobs and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers’ “I Make America” campaign. In his testimony, Rowe, a frequent spokesman for Caterpillar, described his experiences working with manufacturers and skilled laborers across America, his personal initiatives in support of jobs creation, and the importance of paved roads and reliable bridges.

“I am ready, able and eager to partner with the federal government to help reconnect our country to the importance of manufacturing and skilled labor,” said Rowe, who said he was joining forces with AEM for the launch of “I Make America,” which he described as a “national grassroots campaign to promote U.S. manufacturing jobs through infrastructure investment and the passage of export agreements.”

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