Compact Power Equipment Rental is offering Genie 19 and 26foot scissor lifts at New Orleans Home Depot stores
Compact Power Equipment Rental is offering Genie 19- and 26-foot scissor lifts at New Orleans Home Depot stores.

Compact Power Equipment Rental to Offer Genie Scissors in New Orleans

Compact Power Equipment Rental is now offering 19- and 26-foot Genie scissorlifts for rent from New Orleans Home Depot equipment rental centers. The company will offer the Genie GS 1930 and the Genie GS2532. Both models are capable of lifting up to 500 pounds and come with the additional folding guardrail safety feature.

Compact Power’s VIP Onsite Delivery program will deliver the machines to a home of jobsite. Compact Power is offering the units for as low as $159 per day, $349 per week or $689 per month.

Compact Power maintains and services all equipment rented in its 1,015 Home Depot partner stores. In addition to scissor lifts, Compact Power offers rental of towable equipment including skid steers, mini skid steers, mini excavators, tractor loader backhoes and more.

“We are excited to offer scissor lift rentals as part of Compact Power’s robust fleet of equipment. The reliability and ease of use, combined with our comprehensive service and maintenance, make the Genie Scissor Lifts the most reliable and convenient option for professionals or DIY enthusiasts,” said Richard Porter, chief operating officer.

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