Click It! Safety Campaign Takes Off

Click It! Safety Campaign Takes Off

The recently launched “Click It!” safety campaign that features stickers encouraging all users of boom-type platforms to wear a full-body harness with a short lanyard attached to a suitable anchor point has found acceptance with North American manufacturers and rental companies alike.

Sponsored by Aerial Work Platform Training, the campaign has been adopted by major rental companies including NES Rentals and Sunbelt Rentals and manufacturers including Skyjack. All companies have agreed to place the “Click It!” stickers on all boom-type platforms they rent, sell or manufacture.

“We are supporting this program to help communicate the need and reasons for using the proper harness and lanyard on boomlifts to prevent falls or ejections from these machines. While the use of personal fall protection is required on boomlifts there are still many workers who do not know this,” said Jeff Stachowiak, national safety director for Sunbelt Rentals.

“If placing “Click It!” stickers on our boomlifts can prevent even one injury that could have been avoided, our efforts will have been worth it,” adds Chris Bowers, NES Rentals’ senior vice president.

“If your company isn't putting a sticker on every boom you own or rent, you're not doing everything you can to help prevent a serious accident,” said Tony Groat, AWPT’s North American membership director, who challenges other companies to participate in the campaign. “Contact AWPT today for free stickers and start making your workplace a safer place.”

For more information visit Small quantities of stickers are available free of charge and larger quantities or custom-printed versions can be ordered for a nominal price. Downloadable artwork is also available on-line for printing your own stickers.

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